Friday, September 28, 2012

The Road to a BARELY PASS

US College Application starts off with one thing:


Unlike with its Malaysian counterpart where academics decides 90% (Or maybe wholly *ehem*Bursary*ehem*) of your success rate of admission, the US college application considered academics to be the ONLY first hurdle.

*In Malaysia, academics is defined as SPM
In US, academics is defined as CGPA, SAT, ACT, APs etc etc etc*

Next week, I'll be sitting for me SAT. And as a typical Malaysian student, the most viable preparation would be cramming hours and hours and hours for this examination. I mean, it worked during SPM right?

But then, I took a step back.

How much does it worth?

From what I knew, academics is just a cut off point. You passed it, then you passed it. If let say the minimum cut off point is CGPA of 3.5. Then those who gets 3.5 and 4.0 are considered the same as they are included into the set of people who PASSED the cut off point. If that's true, why work your ass off for a 4.0?

Alright, maybe you all are viewing this as a lamentation or complain or excuses for not studying, but I can't help to wonder. Is it truly worth it?

I'm not sure...
Well, hope I get an answer sooner or later


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