Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Leap of Faith

It is super early at the time of writing this. I tell you, ah, if you wake up early just for the sake of waking up early you could find yourself discovering or doing something that will make your day less shitty. Trust me.

So it has been over a week since my last update. Can't blame me. Asssignments (Yes, with a triple 's') and projects have been a beach to me. Yeah, I whine because it is a natural defense mechanism for us humans...and also I want attention.


Kay, enough with random introduction and bantering. The topic I feel like writing today can be explained easily by the inverse of a popular saying

"Leap Before You Think"

Wait, whuuttttt?
I jump before I think? Won't it be bad?
I mean imagine I jumped of a cliff
And halfway I think and I say "Eh, maybe this is not a good idea"

But stop ya inner monologue my dear friend for a while and hear me out. Of course, there are things you must need to think before you do it (eg: Jumping of a cliff. Come on, who the heck wants to jump of a cliff???) But have you been in a situation where thinking makes you unable to move?

Yeah sure. To fail to plan is to plan to fail. But one thing that most of us tend to forget (including me) is that we are just mere humans in this pale blue dot suspended in pillar of sunbeam. Humans DO NOT control. Screw those motivational speakers who told you that you have total control over the world. That's total BS. Instead, humans just make sure that their sails and ships are in good condition and let the current of fate lead them. 

Yeah, it is a good trait to plan everything but when planning inhibits action, it is BAD. The past weeks, I have  been observing and lurking from the background and I see a lot of my friends, be it post SPM or post Asasi/Matrik, contemplating about their future, asking way too many questions that they are rooted in place in fear that their plans will fall apart. And because of that, they are trapped; unsure of the future and getting lost in the present. 

But for me, I think my advice would be to JUST DECIDE

Woah woah woah. You are talking about someone's future, Nazran. You can't just 'decide' your future.

Duh, of course you can't decide your future BUT you can decide to decide.

You see, in making decision, sometimes you must go deep inside yourself and ask yourself a simple yet hard question: "What do I want?" Once you asked that question and finding the answer, you don't need plans anymore. Just jump and hold that belief strong in your heart. Insya Allah, YOU WILL GET IT.

I shall cite Abraham Maslow because it helps me to remember my Psychology terminology:

"What a man can be, he MUST be"

If what you want is to be a musician, you can and MUST be a musician. That way, you will have no regrets in life.
Just like my brother. He wanted to be a professional gamer, a very unorthodox job and slighted in our Kiasu Asian community. But that is want he wants therefore, he can and MUST be a professional gamer.

So, screw planning. Screw calculating the probabilty and chances of success. Screw it all. Nothing matters if you have decided on what you WANT and you just hold on to that. I tell you, you WILL get it.

Jump my dear friends!
But hold on to your heart
And may you land in a bed of roses
Although you may be hurt or beaten
But hey, at least you still have your heart


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