Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little Dose of Happiness

This blog gets little to no love these days. I don't know. I prefer writing in short bursts of metaphorical poetry rather than a full blown article/blog post nowadays. Maybe because of the influx of assignment and projects (Crap..-__-) or maybe it was because I'm plain lazy..
The projects. Must be the projects.

So, what is up?

If you have been reading my blog, (yes, all of you 15 or so people who regularly read my blog. Thank you*bows*) the past blog posts are depressing posts and all. I admit it, I was really depressed the past weeks but recently, I find myself on and going and happier than ever. I woke up everyday nowadays with boundless energy despite the clear sign of eyebags below my eyes and shitloads of sleep deficit. Now why is that?

I remembered something I stumbled upon when I was depressed. I can't remember where. Was it Twitter or Facebook? Or maybe Zenpencils? Tumblr? But I remembered that it was a quote that goes:

"It is not the big things that make you happy. It is the smaller insignificant things that will make you happy"

Frankly, I don't even care about the quote and merely put it away somewhere in my mind so that my hippocampus could dump it and erase it from my memory. But as the days goes by, subconsciously I get happy from small things. I mean, well, I screwed my 'big things that could make me happy' so the happiness threshold was low. I get happy from the streak of green lights during my drive to campus or a lucky parking spot during peak hours. Heck, I get happy from getting a 'thank you' from a cute girl at the food court that I celebrated that occasion with a double portion of lunch!

It is a wonder and as the depressed days goes by, my fear and sadness disappear. No longer I was worried about my impending doom of not getting it any universities. I was....happy. And things gotten better....A LOT BETTER.

During my depressed state of mind, I took quite alot of tests and exams and I screwed them all. In particular my Psychology midterms where I lost a huge chunk of my grade (5%) which greatly jeopradizes my chances to getting an A at the end of the term. But as the days goes by and I recovered, my test scores improved heck, it was better than my previous test although the topic is harder than before. It was like because I'm happy, I get more things that makes me happy

As my happiness gradient increases, I hang out with my friends more and more. And again, my happiness increase.
The Lah's
ADP Scholar Futsal Team

And it all started when I appreciate those little things that made me happiness. And ultimately, I finally got the 'big thing that made me happy'

It was like the world wants to show that you should not be in the pits of depression for long. Appreciate the small things and somehow, the bigger things will come


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