Monday, June 18, 2012

Of Determination and Passion

"Semua orang MAMPU melalui apa yang kami lalui, tapi bukan semua SANGGUP."

Why am I citing this blog post here?
Because it is just what I/You/We need right now.

This blogger is actually my bestfriend's sister and she had achieved what others still haven't achieved in 20 years IN 3 AWESOMELY STRESSFUL AND TENSE YEAR.

Okay, I exaggerated that last sentence but that doesn't matter. What does matter is how awesome is a young lady at the age of early 20's achieved so many things in life that would make most middle-aged man grew envy and jealous. So, what is her secret recipe?

To tell the truth, I don't freaking know either :P

I saw something in her writing. It is something I saw in biographies of successful men and women through out time.


Which really is the main factor of her success. (And most of the other success stories too.)

You see, I'm not overgeneralizing or something but I saw something weird in our society in Malaysia.

We lack this sort of determination and passion. Everything we do is for the sake of doing, not achieving. The mentaliti of 'Cukan' or cukup makan is especially strong among Malays. Plus with our natural laziness, it has been a bad habit which can seriously affect younger generation if this goes on.

I am theorizing something here.
What if the lack of determination and passion among Malaysian is because of the things we watch aka entertainment?

You see, in Malaysia's entertainment industries, we saw these plethora of the same shows over and over again. You can guess it right?

1. Reality TV shows (Often a singing show where 90% of the contestant don't know how to listen and sing)
2. Romantic cheesy dramas with evil Datins, quiet heroin, handsome hero and someone will die at the end from a gunshot, accident or mysterious disease.
3. Comedy shows which only just for laughs
4. Horror shows with a plot that had been re-used a million times already
5. Actual good stuff (Extremely rare)

Okay, I might be over biased and demeaning to the Malaysian entertainment industry about stuff and all but this is just an observation and I'm sure you agreed with me.

Now, a question to all of you.
Have you watched a movie/drama made in Malaysia that focused on Passion and Determination recently? 
I'm sure you are shaking your heads now.
We are lacking on these inspiring movies/drama to inspire people.
Sure, we do have our own local motivators and all.
But I sincerely believe that entertainment is one of the best ways to influence minds.
If we influence minds with the message of PASSION and DETERMINATION, won't it be beneficial?

If you are a writer/producer/film maker etc.


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Bravo! *tepuk tangan* Setuju setuju!

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