Monday, June 11, 2012

Back from the Dead! Now with more MATURITY and GAR-NESS!

19 February 2011

Who could not remember that date...

The day where has been put into rest...

Gone were the days where this blog was filled with colours and nonsense I what to share with the world

Only a single apology post decorated this blog for 16 months...

But not anymore!

Literally from the grave of, I'm back and kicking than ever!

Gone were the traumas of my past scars!
Gone were the fear of being oppressed!
Gone were the insecurities I felt!
The time is now!
This is my calling! 
Okay, that was dramatic
but seriously, I'm back people!
*cue awkward cheer*
Now with more maturity and Gar-ness!
Yes, I took a loooooooooooooong break from blogging and I have my own reasons for that.

But no artist can rest for so long right?
These hands are itching to type word by word, to paint the blank sheet of blog post with colourful things I want to share.

But why now Nazran? Why not earlier?
Well, to tell the truth, I'm planning to blog again waaaaaaaaayyyy back before, but I couldn't really get the motivation to do it. (Yes, I'm kinda unmotivated during times of dire need)
And since I am feeling really motivated today, I might as well start to blog again.

Apologize the old layout, my layouting skills are so 2009. Gonna ask my friend to help me later.
The all that said, I, hereby declare that REVIVED!
Coincidently, I'm drinking a Revive now.


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