Saturday, September 15, 2012


I really wanted to write something...'nerdish'
I really do...but unfortunately, I lacked the capability and resources to do so. My intellectual level is not THAT high (yet)
But I found a person who can do just that!

Look at his Facebook Status! (Yes, this is, in fact, a FACEBOOK STATUS)
*In before "Oh, I bucuk. Gi mandi jom huhuhu heks haha :3"

So we talk of aliens and 'first contact' with them and worry whether they'd be either friendly and teach us new technology or bent on world domination and kill us all.


We're assuming that they have feelings and emotions like us, that they're motivated by exploring distant 'lands' or conquering weaker 'races' like us. Why should they? They're ALIENS for goodness's sake!

Our movies and our cheap novels portray them standing on legs and having hands and heads with brains and eyes to see with and mouths to talk and eat with. As long as they's "intelligent enough" they're all basically human-like. Why should they?

Oh, and there's always those laser pistols eh? -_-

Now let's go further. Aliens are, well, aliens; they don't have to be ANYTHING like us at all. They don't need to have 2-sided symmetry like us. They can have maybe 10-sided symmetry (think starfish) or not symmetrical at all, who knows? Dude, look at nature, see how nonhuman everything is; this is still Earth. Should aliens from who-knows-where look more human than 'Earthlings' like say fleas? 

They don't even have to THINK like us, not even fundamentally! I'll show you why.

We humans follow what's called Aristotelian logic. Basically this means that if you have a ball and you wanna chuck it into either of two holes you know that either it goes into the 1st hole or it doesn't (because it goes into the 2nd); never both. Come on, basic stuff right? Kids know that. So you think this is true for everything. It's either true or it's not, never both.

Sorry dude, that's wrong. Ever heard of quantum mechanics? It says (and this is actually true) that photons, those little things that make up light, can actually pass through two holes at the same time. How the heck do you explain that!? Quantum logic, dude. Stuff can be true, or not true, or 'somewhere in between'. Oh yeah, and there are tons of other types of logic too.

My point is, things we think are 'obviously true' are actually OUR way of looking at the world, and don't have to be THEIR way. Who knows? Maybe aliens on planet 'Klaatu' (wth) think quantum logic is 'obviously true', and our logic is not! 

Oh yeah. You watch movies where aliens fight us and you notice we always have a chance of winning, if we haven't actually won by the time the credits roll. Rubbish. We're assuming their level of technology is kinda-sorta near to ours! Come on, if they could travel literally trillions of km all the way to us and we haven't even gotten past our own moon, you seriously think our technology can challenge theirs? Simple way to think about it: when the British colonialists with their guns and ships first met the Pacific native islanders with their rocks, did the islanders ever had a chance in the first place? Same thing, except worse. 

Then there's their intelligence too. They're not human-level smart, of course. If they could cross the stars, they'd look at us the way we look at, say, ants in ant colonies. Not even worth thinking about, let alone talking to. Ever seriously tried to talk to an ant? So why would they even communicate with us?

One last thing. We think we know if something's alive or not. No we don't: are viruses alive? How about fire? Or AI robots that can build copies of themselves? If yes or no, why? You see, even now on Earth we have problems telling whether something is alive or not. In space it's bound to get way weirder. If we ever make 'first contact' with an alien, the question we forget to ask ourselves is whether or not we'll actually recognize that it's alive in the first place! 

Think different dude, think weird, think ALIEN.

Such piece of writing...I wish I could write something like that...
Instead, I prefer write craps and random thoughts to no end...
Well, humans are different.
Nice work bro!

Credits to:
Muhammad Putera
Don't know him?
He's the No.1 SPM scorer of 2010

Now shriveled in fear!
And be awed at the same time

PS: I saw an obvious pattern between his post and Turga' god, these brainy people DO think the same...Must.Write.It.Down.For.Future.Thesis
PSS: I'm an economist, I don't study humans
PSSS: Wait, an economy need humans!
PSSSS: Well how about Aliens then?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this topic except craps...and I'm exhausted so excuse the randomness


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