Saturday, September 22, 2012

When You're Stranded, Can You Get Help? Not Really

Yesterday, I got stranded....
Yes, for the first time in my time, I got stranded in the middle of an unfamiliar place with only VERY limited resources. (RM 1.30 of phone credit, 30% phone battery, RM 17 of cash, and 25 km worth of petrol)

It was a rainy night, after sending Aiman Afif aka Piah at KLIA. I stopped at a petrol station in Bangi to refuel and hoped that it will be sufficient until Subang. Right after refueling, I took off.

Unfortunately, there was a minor flood in front of the station. Figuring that if I took the edge of the road, I might be able to pass it. With a VERY exhausted body and even more exhausted mind, I took it as the best course of action and drive at the edge of the road.

The water level was high also at the edge of the road. I panicked and shifted the gear to reverse and get out from the water but it was too late; the engine died. Attempts to start the engine back was futile and things spiral out of control after that.

My car bumper fell off... -.- Ignoring that fact for a while, I put the car on free gear and tried to push it out from the water.

Due to my lack of sheer strength, fatigue, and the heavy Perdana, my efforts were as successful as the Greek economy. So, I waved and shouted for help at the nearby cars and the workers at the petrol station.

And you know what happened?

Car 1: Oh shit, there's someone in need. Let us turn back.
Car 2: Meh, someone else will help
Worker 1: *blank n blur*
Worker 2: Not my problem

Furious and enraged by them, I rushed over to the worker and begged for help. The following happened.

"Abang, tolong saya tolak kereta saya ketepi, x elok letak tgh2 jalan."
*blank* "Tapi, abg tgh keje. X mau baju basah."
"Ala bang, basah sikit je. Saya x nak kereta rosak lagi."
*pandang2 orang lain* *blank* "....Tapi hujan lebat la" (You don't say??)

Now, I was at my boiling point already.
I was wet; drenched actually
I was cold and shivering
I was tired and exhausted
I was panicked and worried
I was sad
I was frustrated

And all the other worker just don't give a damn. It's like each of them were hoping that SOMEONE would come forward and help but in reality, no one made a move. The 'bystander effect' took place and it was freaking annoying considering I was the victim! The diffusion of responsibilities at the WRONG TIME

Thankfully, there were two bro's who were stranded too that decided to help me. Even without a change in clothes, they helped a total stranger push their broken car out from the flood and into the station. Not only that, they even took a look at my car; inspecting any defects or abnormality. (Fortunately, there were none...except the bumper problem)

To wrap out the story, I stayed at Hilfi's place for the night and the rest is history

Screw those workers
Bless those bro's

Nazran here with an important message to all MALAYSIAN



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