Sunday, October 19, 2014

Something about Sanity

It has been too long, but I won't go into the details. Let's jump to the topic at hand.


It would be too much of a drama to say 'God, I'm going insane', or 'My sanity is slipping away from me'; so much so that they bear no significance to other words anymore. Life is not a tragic drama. Nothing happens. You are spouting hyperboles just to make life exciting and a little dramatic. You see things in a darker little and take every hit harder than it actually is because it is thrilling, no? Imagine watching NFL and you saw a 300 pounds blocker rammed a Quarterback with a resounding thud. Is it exciting? Hell yeah. Did the quarterback died? Nah, but he will almost always say "I felt my soul left my body a while when I was hit." That is a hyperbole, none of those happened but it makes life exciting, right?

But I digress

Would you believe if your close family and friends told you, "Hey, I think I'm going to be insane."?

Hardly. It is a hyperbole, a figure of speech, a convenient word play to generate hype, a cheap ploy to gain sympathy.

But what if he or she really is losing his/her mind? What if they really want to give you a signal for help because shit happens and they have too much shit to even give a shit anymore about the shit that happened? (Yes, let me have my fun here) But how would you know, right? Sanity is nothing but a mere placeholder and a convenient hyperbole to make life exciting

And these people who tried to call for help, they just kept quiet. Holding in all to themselves as they are left to their darkest self all alone

And be consumed by their own minds


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