Thursday, June 27, 2013

Of Perception and Pure Skill

Because I lack proper images

Hello everybody. It is a dull Friday (again) after a hectic week of non-stop outings and spending. So, what is better to spice up your Friday than reading of one my rants?

*crickets sounds*


So anyway, I had this nice conversation with a friend of mine about perception and skills. It goes something like this.

Friend: Eh, don't you think that perception is more powerful than skill?
Me: Explain
Friend: Like, I noticed that I am able to hone my skills better after I got this scholarship...and I got this scholarship mainly because of perception
Me: Really meh? *deep thought*

Disclaimer: Event may not be 100% accurate but you get the gist of it

After a deep thought and philosophical ranting with the two people inside my head, I came to a conclusion


Now, before you start debating with me with concrete arguments, let me explain my thought process here. I define perception as how you exhibit yourself to the world around you and pure skill as your personal ability. Putting the definitions in, I'm saying that how you exhibit yourself to the world around you is more important than your personal ability

Why is that?

Because although you and everyone else has their own unique personal ability and skill like good memory, ability to ace test, athletics ability etc, ultimately, only the holder of the said ability truly know that they possess that ability. Moving forward, this means that although you know that you have that ability, others won't.

For example, you know that you have a talent for playing chess. Now, if you meet someone new, will they know that you're good in playing chess just by talking to you for five minutes? Unless that person is a mentalist, I highly doubt it. Even if you say "I'm a chess player" or "I am good at chess", that person can really 'know' that you are 'that good' at chess.

Unless, you really plant in the idea that you are good in chess

Now, here is where perception came in. To make that person know that you are good in chess, you would need to show him or her. No, you'd not need to pull out a chess board or anything but maybe you can just say "I played chess in tournaments before"

Boom. Perception changed.

Just by adding the word 'tournament', the other person will get the idea of you holding a chess tournament medal/trophy and quickly conclude that you are good in chess. Although in reality you may ended up last in many tournaments, but that doesn't matter. You showed them an image of a tournament, but not really your skill. They, themselves concluded that you are good in chess. Now, you are perceived as good in chess. Objective achieved.

How can we relate it to real life? I mean, what significant of knowing that perception is more important than skill?

See, to survive in life, you'll need to look good. Looking good here is not looking good physically but it is the image others perceived you to be. Although you may not have the skill, but by looking good, you will be able to hone that said skill. A simple example would be my own scholarship interview.

I admit, I lack the skills required to be a Bank Negara scholar. Although my academic and cocurriculum track records are well above average, I lack the 'zing' to be a BNM scholar. But then, during the interview, I perceive myself as 'The Guy That Should Be A Scholar' and I plant that image into my interviewers mind. In doing so, I got the scholarship and because of the opportunity that came afterwards, I became 'The Guy That Should Be A Scholar' (Woah, it is like super bragging and crap. But bear with me and take in the message) Opportunities to obtain 'pure skill' is opened up by using 'perception'

But then, maybe it is an isolated case....or it is?

Ever been to a MLM function before? Are those people in front wearing their suits and ties and looking all nice and fancy that skilled and rich? Chances are, they are not....probably. But they successfully planted that image into the audience mind and because of that, they WILL be that skilled and rich guy/girl.

"Perception is the key."

After note: Now, you may have noticed some gaping holes in my arguments above. I noticed that too and it was intentional. You know, to make something to be debated upon. So yeah, what do you think about perception?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Effort Rationalization

"If you want to achieve something, work hard. If you can't, work harder"
-Railzan Kurhna

Hello people! Here am I writing a new blog post early in the morning. The first time ever since I graduated from Taylor's. So, in this lovely morning I shall write about something called 'effort rationalization'

What is effort rationalization? It is an act of thinking about your efforts to put into an action, prompting you to decide to put in more effort or to put in less. To put it simply, you think and control whether to work harder or to work less. This effort rationalization is a heck of a skill to master because you can make yourself more efficient by controlling the amount of effort you put into an action. Hence, no effort is wasted.

Another way to see effort rationalization is by relating it to stabilization policy in Macroeconomics. Sure, the economy and yourself has a 'self-correcting' mechanism to correct itself/yourself in times of boom and slack but it will be too slow. To put it in a personal context, by the time you realized that you are putting too much effort in winning the heart of a girl you like, you had already spent so much money and time for her that it is not worth it anymore. Hence, effort rationalization should kick in.


Effort rationalization is just like stabilization policy. Meaning while you won't go down as bad as it should, you also won't go up as high as it should. You are chained to not be at the bottom spot AND the top spot. You are trapped in the middle. You become average. Just like the economy, you are stuck in the middle income trap. Your life is good. It won't go down and to go up, it takes 'too much effort'. Complacency kicked in and you can say hello to the average life.

Look around you, no, look at yourself. Can you see the effect of effort rationalization in you? You can't? Think again, have you said this?

"Ala, B pon B la. Cukup ok la tu"
"Nombor 7 pon ok la. At least aku tak bottom 10"
"Perlu ke aku study lagi? Aku rasa cukup untuk pass ni"

You my friend is a victim of effort rationalization. True, it helps at times but this is abuse.



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hope or Fear


I iz back! After five days of fun (read:torture) in the middle of the jungle without internet and phone connection, I'm back into my concrete jungle with 20mbps unifi.

So, what's up? Well there is nothing much to talk about the camp....heh, I lied. Actually there is ALOT of things that can be discussed regarding the BTN camp. A LOT. But worry not my readers. I won't pull off a controversial political post with Revolusi and Bersih and PR and BN and Perkara 153 bla bla bla. I won't risk the ISA or something barging into my home and capturing me. *shivers*

Today, I will be talking about Hope and Fear. Before that, here is a disclaimer

The following post did not represent any parties, groups or factions and it is wholly based on the author's own point of view. It is just an opinion meaning it is may or may not be true. Healthy debate is encourage but baseless slight is not welcome.

What does hope and fear has to do with BTN camp? It's related to the fundamental element used by BTN to 'brainwash' and indoctrinate their participant to serve the country. In their module, they have various topics covered like Equality, Malaysia's law and the Constitution but to deliver those topics they resorted into one very fundamental element: fear

How do they instill fear? Simple. They compare with another 'worse' country like Palestine, Syria dan Turki. They elucidate very clearly the worst case scenario that could happen if you don't serve the country and be thankful to the government. The module operates from the top down, meaning they deconstruct the fall of a nation from the top.

A good example is one of the question stated in the module : Which is more important for a country? Education, Social, Politics or Economics?

Personally, I think the answer is education. Reason being is that education forms the basis of progress and it is also the glue to sustain a nation. Without a proper education, one could not change his fate. Without education, a nation would just stay stagnant and without any progress.

But what is the answer given by the module? Politics. Reason: Without politics, a nation would go into chaos. It is quiet logical for a nation to crumble when the government fails. If they is no one to control and supervise the people, people can just do anything we want...and people are not as rational as we thought. Examples given was Palestine, Syria and Egypt.

Notice the difference? With education, you are looking forward and finding a way to become better. That is hope. With politics, you are looking down and trying to find a way so you won't fall down. That is fear. As stated earlier, the BTN module operates on the basis of instilling fear into the hearts of the young. They showed the bottom of the barrel in the worst possible way and expect you to keep on climbing if you don't know to fall down.

Is it bad?

Heck no. Inspiration via fear has been done a lot of time and it is not a bad way to inspire a nation. Thinking back, we as humans progress in the name of fear during prehistoric ages. To survive, we need to keep on moving forward. Kill, eat and thrive in the wilderness. For a moment if you give up, you die. Don't want to die, keep on living. Simple.

But see, fear essentially forces us to dwell in the scars of past mistakes. As long as we didn't fall into the void, we are okay...even if we are merely inches away from falling down. Hey, that is better than falling down, right? As long as the worst case scenario doesn't happen, it is good enough. The notion of 'Kita patut bersyukur kerana ia boleh menjadi lebih teruk' is a possible notion but relying on this alone will force the whole nation to be complacent and to NEVER PROGRESS FORWARD

If we use hope as a method of inspiration, what will happen instead? We will look up and forward. We can see our end point as a nation clearly. There is a saying that if you want to inspire our workers to build a ship, show them the beautiful vastness of the ocean. When we can see our end point, we can strategised and plan our next step towards progress. Effectively when we progress forward, we escape the void of worst case scenarios.

Now isn't that a better way to inspire a group of hopeful young individuals?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Selfishness. Bad?

To be honest with you guys, I was really thinking of writing about SPARTFEST and the joys of arts and music as I strut the corridors of my campus ogling all the artsy spartsy stuff and let my ears be serenaded by music of all kinds.

But then, I changed my mind. So, here is a picture to sum the SPARTFEST experience

And on to today's topic: Selfishness

The following post may or may not be emo depends on the tone of the voice inside your head that reads out everything you read into your internal microphone and the current song in your playlist.

Now, you may be wondering, why did Nazran chose such an emo topic to blog about? The answer is simple: Because I wanted to. See, I am being selfish right now. In reaction to that, you may produce a frown on your cute/handsome face with the thought of 'what a jerk, I need real answers dammit' flashing upon your mind. Now, you may deny that you don't have that thought in mind but that is just wishful thinking. It is natural for you to have that kind of thought and it is okay.

Selfishness has long been a 'bad, uncivilized' trait to have. Being selfishness sends a signal to everyone else that you either lack the social awareness to function in a typical social environment of the modern age or you are just big gaping A-hole. Selfishness breaks to order of our social dynamics by fulfilling the needs of a certain individual. 

Our planet's ecosystem works on the basis of helping each other out. Even in the case of a fly was eaten by a frog, that fly is actually helping the frog to survive by being its food. That noble little insects forgone its wife, kids and friends just to be broken down into nutrition of molecular size for the frog to use. That is an absence of selfishness. Imagine a scenario (might be a bit ridiculous but bear with me nonetheless), where the fly refuse to be the food of the frog. That selfish fly refuse to hang out at the typical spot for it to be hunted and to opt for chilling out at home, drinking fly beer, playing with the kids and fornicating with its wife. Other flies seeing that selfish fly enjoying its time would also opt to be selfish too. What would happen to the frog, then? Dies. What happen to snakes that eat frogs? Dies, or opt for other sustenance. 

The point is, when you're being selfish others lose out. You cut the line because you want your food faster, other who waited for so long will have to wait longer. You pick up the last Pau Kacang in your school canteen, other will never get it. You, not giving out your homework for your friend to copy, they don't finish their homework and get suspended. You, by being selfish are disrupting nature and everyone knows that disrupting nature is not cool, bro.

Intermission~~ Source:
But wait!

Most of those examples, although selfish by nature, those ARE the right thing to do. I am going to screw your mind by saying selfishness is natural too. 

Wait, What the Fishcake?

See, although we live in the ever-connected, ever-related world, we are still, no matter what happen, living OUR OWN LIVES. Whatever we do everyday is to stay alive and be in the game of life until our end came to us. Until then, we can't avoid to be so selfless. Because not matter what you do, there will be winners and losers. There are the strong and the weak. And for you to keep on going in life, you must be selfish!

Butt weight!

As stated earlier, you can't be so overly selfish too. That will...well, disrupt nature. And disrupting nature is not cool... So yeah, balance in everything is important.

The point is....?

The reason why I am writing this post is because I am in a huge dilemma of becoming super selfish and super selfless. And to organize myself better (and to a certain extent, console myself) I write and babble in this blog. Henceforth, this post about selfishness.

You see, I am a generally nice guy and quite selfless too. I don't mind sacrificing my time and energy to something that is worth my investment (highlight that part. See, I don't do favors like a dog) The conflict came when between quite unimaginable happened.



There you have it. The thing is I am flying off to the land of opportunity this August. Even so, that doesn't change the fact that I had fell in love. Two constant: 1) I'll be flying off in August. 2) I fell in love. One thing that struck my mind: This is going to be complicated

Two ways to tackle this.

1)Be selfish and confess
2)Be selfless and held it all in

Again, the only thing that struck my mind is this is going to be complicated.

To be selfish or selfless? Which path should I take to preserve the balance of the universe? (heh)

Sunday, June 2, 2013



I am here, laying down on the floor
Enclosed by these four walls of pure agony
As the sounds of my breathing echoed through the box
Silence that is loud
Loudness that is silent
Here in this room
Here is this world I created
I am alone
-Railzan Kurhna

Now, you may be wondering why the sudden change of writing style and mood. Simply put, Kanzaki is not here which is good because this blog needs a bit more serious tone as what it was originally: a simple philosophical, metaphorical and deep blog. So today we will be talking about loneliness; something that is not alien to most of us.

It sucks to be alone. To be that one person who doesn't have a pair. To be that one person left out from the social circle. To be that one person staying home during a campus-wide party. To be stranded in the middle of nowhere without anyone as accompany. To be lonely SUCKS. Humans being innately social creatures to begin with need company to survive. The absence of company is a state of loneliness and this violates our own human nature. Humans can not be lonely. It is just...wrong.

But loneliness is not just an absence of company, it is also an absence of connection. One can know alot of people and often surrounded of them but still feels lonely. It is because there is no connection from the people he knows; no connection deep enough to fill the loneliness in his/her heart. And just like the absence of company, the absence of connection SUCKS as well.

Why am I complaining about being lonely SUCKS?
Am I...lonely?

My dear readers, maybe I am but isn't that weird? I have a family. I have friends that spans five to six social levels. I have pets to snuggle during rainy days. There is no absence of company or absence of connection in my life, yet I do feel alone at times.


Humans are indeed innately social creatures but the action of dwelling and surrendering oneself's to society causes one to eventually lose his or her own voice.

Wait, what? Lose his or her own voice?

Yes my dear readers, losing our own voice is possible especially when you are always socializing with others. Their views, the collective views of society will assimilate itself into you until the line that separates the two of them blurred and ultimately what society is, you are. You will be able to think for yourself, ask yourself questions or be yourself because you lost your voice due to the fact you are always listening to the voice of others.

Loneliness solves this problem. By being all by yourself and removing all connection, you stand with your own two feet. The only voice you hear is the voice of your own. By being isolated, you are able to think for yourself, not to satisfy the views of society. By being alone, you are you in your purest form

So, yes. I do feel alone. Because before all of this great friends and acquaintances came into my life, I was alone. I experienced the purest form of me enabling me to think, formulate, reflect, and feel without the pressures of society. Because I was alone at first, I was able to break some that same loneliness. Irony, I know. And at times, I just wish to escape to that same void called loneliness so I can hear myself again and be me in the purest form of me.

Loneliness isn't that bad.
It is just a mere choice.