Saturday, June 15, 2013

Selfishness. Bad?

To be honest with you guys, I was really thinking of writing about SPARTFEST and the joys of arts and music as I strut the corridors of my campus ogling all the artsy spartsy stuff and let my ears be serenaded by music of all kinds.

But then, I changed my mind. So, here is a picture to sum the SPARTFEST experience

And on to today's topic: Selfishness

The following post may or may not be emo depends on the tone of the voice inside your head that reads out everything you read into your internal microphone and the current song in your playlist.

Now, you may be wondering, why did Nazran chose such an emo topic to blog about? The answer is simple: Because I wanted to. See, I am being selfish right now. In reaction to that, you may produce a frown on your cute/handsome face with the thought of 'what a jerk, I need real answers dammit' flashing upon your mind. Now, you may deny that you don't have that thought in mind but that is just wishful thinking. It is natural for you to have that kind of thought and it is okay.

Selfishness has long been a 'bad, uncivilized' trait to have. Being selfishness sends a signal to everyone else that you either lack the social awareness to function in a typical social environment of the modern age or you are just big gaping A-hole. Selfishness breaks to order of our social dynamics by fulfilling the needs of a certain individual. 

Our planet's ecosystem works on the basis of helping each other out. Even in the case of a fly was eaten by a frog, that fly is actually helping the frog to survive by being its food. That noble little insects forgone its wife, kids and friends just to be broken down into nutrition of molecular size for the frog to use. That is an absence of selfishness. Imagine a scenario (might be a bit ridiculous but bear with me nonetheless), where the fly refuse to be the food of the frog. That selfish fly refuse to hang out at the typical spot for it to be hunted and to opt for chilling out at home, drinking fly beer, playing with the kids and fornicating with its wife. Other flies seeing that selfish fly enjoying its time would also opt to be selfish too. What would happen to the frog, then? Dies. What happen to snakes that eat frogs? Dies, or opt for other sustenance. 

The point is, when you're being selfish others lose out. You cut the line because you want your food faster, other who waited for so long will have to wait longer. You pick up the last Pau Kacang in your school canteen, other will never get it. You, not giving out your homework for your friend to copy, they don't finish their homework and get suspended. You, by being selfish are disrupting nature and everyone knows that disrupting nature is not cool, bro.

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But wait!

Most of those examples, although selfish by nature, those ARE the right thing to do. I am going to screw your mind by saying selfishness is natural too. 

Wait, What the Fishcake?

See, although we live in the ever-connected, ever-related world, we are still, no matter what happen, living OUR OWN LIVES. Whatever we do everyday is to stay alive and be in the game of life until our end came to us. Until then, we can't avoid to be so selfless. Because not matter what you do, there will be winners and losers. There are the strong and the weak. And for you to keep on going in life, you must be selfish!

Butt weight!

As stated earlier, you can't be so overly selfish too. That will...well, disrupt nature. And disrupting nature is not cool... So yeah, balance in everything is important.

The point is....?

The reason why I am writing this post is because I am in a huge dilemma of becoming super selfish and super selfless. And to organize myself better (and to a certain extent, console myself) I write and babble in this blog. Henceforth, this post about selfishness.

You see, I am a generally nice guy and quite selfless too. I don't mind sacrificing my time and energy to something that is worth my investment (highlight that part. See, I don't do favors like a dog) The conflict came when between quite unimaginable happened.



There you have it. The thing is I am flying off to the land of opportunity this August. Even so, that doesn't change the fact that I had fell in love. Two constant: 1) I'll be flying off in August. 2) I fell in love. One thing that struck my mind: This is going to be complicated

Two ways to tackle this.

1)Be selfish and confess
2)Be selfless and held it all in

Again, the only thing that struck my mind is this is going to be complicated.

To be selfish or selfless? Which path should I take to preserve the balance of the universe? (heh)


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