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REPOST: Study and Learning...What's the Difference?

The following is a repost from 1994's...Written by ME! 

Study and Learning...What is the difference?

Salam semua! Nazran disini. Aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada semua reader2 ku :)

Perasan x perasan, cuti raya dah nak habis. Maka sebagai stimulus dan ignition kepada azam baru selepas cuti, aku nak share something dengan korang semua

Izinkan ku menulis dalam BI sebab aku lagi selesa menulis arguments dalam BI.


So, Raya break is ending soon, meaning we will soon be off to our respective universities, college, school to continue our journey along the path of academia. As the days are over, we shall see more and more of these:

"Crap! Aku tak siap assignment lagi weyh!"
"Study? Aku tak study pon"
"Cis, raya memang tak study la aku"

Well, that's a typical student. No matter where you stood in the class ranking, you must have done this at least once in a life time. But you see, why the worry?

In our education system, the only sure way to succeed in it is by studying. Then the question arises, what is studying?

Studying, as defined in the onlinedictionary is: application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection

So basically, studying is an act where you open a book, scrutinize the details, and analyze the facts. When you study, you need a book. You need to extract information carefully and store it into your brain. It's a very important thing to do and it's what you should do a lot during your time in tertiary education.


We are forgetting the other side of the spectrum of acquiring knowledge: Learning

Now, most of you will frown and question me. "How the heck are those two are different?"

Just because 'studying' and 'learning' in BM is 'belajar' doesn't mean it has the exact same meaning.

Learning is defined as: the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill.

Now, pay attention to the word 'act' and 'process'. Learning is an act and a process, which means it is an ongoing thing. When I say ongoing, I mean it doesn't stop. You will continue on learning even if you stop studying. Learning is when you work to know something better. It applies to skills, knowledge and almost ever other thing in this universe. You don't need a book to learn. Learning is when you absorb knowledge from the world around you either subconsciously or consciously.

Learning and studying are both side of the same coin in acquiring knowledge.

No, that's an understatement. Studying is actually the subset of learning! If you draw a Venn diagram, the circle of studying is INSIDE the circle of learning!

However, we as students in Malaysia always emphasize the 'studying' part of it. You cram though sets and sets of questions. You memorize TONS and TONS of theories and what nots. You spend countless hours crouching at a desk to STUDY

But why study?
Have we ever thought of that?
Why the heck do I study? I mean, it's boring!
Some may respond with "I need to study to get scholarship" or "I need to study to get a degree"
But that is why we are lifeless when we are studying
We STUDY! That is the sole reason we are lifeless when studying.

Now, I said earlier that STUDYING is the subset of LEARNING. Being a subset, what STUDYING is, is what LEARNING is. Consequently, what LEARNING is, is not what STUDYING is.

Here is a Venn Diagram

Via MS Paint. Yes, I suck
You see, when you are a baby, did you study?
But did you learn?

Simply because LEARNING is fun. No, LEARNING is associated with FUN. In that red zone in the Venn Diagram above, there is FUN!
That's the biggest difference between LEARNING and STUDYING

If you study for the sake of mere STUDYING, when it's boring
If you study for the sake of LEARNING, then it's fun!

Now, how do I actually LEARN?
Be a baby

Be curious
Wanting to know more about the world.
See the world as an adventure.
Screw the books sometimes!
Go and do something else!

That's why, don't study but learn. If you don't study during Raya, fret not, you're not more stupid than the rest of your classmates. You LEARN something else that they don't. The question is: What did you LEARN?

Be curious
Because simply,
Studying is too mainstream
*wears Hipster glasses* 


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