Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unlimited Needs...Limited Resources

'the study of managing resources to fulfill needs in the most efficient manner'
'the study of making correct choices for maximum output'

So, last week was the first week of class.
And guess what...
I finally learn Economics!

Man, after 3 months of waiting, I can finally formally learn economics.
It's has been a huge irony, me, a scholar who supposed to study economics BUT I didn't learn anything about Economics for my first semester.
It's embarrassing.
When I talked to my A-levels friends, they will go:

Friend: "Oh, ko budak Econs? Susah kan econs? Especially bila *insert economics term here* tak boleh nak relate ngan *insert another economics term here* Aku struggle kot"
Me: Err....haah *bad pokerface*

Now, I had learn economics, I can at least save myself from this kind of situation in the future

So, moving on...
So basically in economics, we study about human's needs, which is unlimited, that must be fulfilled with limited resources. 

To put it into layman's terms, you want everything but you can only do/achieve a couple of thing.

Now, you may think that economics is an 'ART' subject therefore 'SCIENCE' people should not study economics.
Well people, you SHOULD
I'm not telling you to know every economics jargon like "Tariff rate", "Gross Domestics Product" and etc.
I'm just telling you to know the very basic of economics.
Because at least you understand more about LIFE
Yes, people...Economics is directly related to LIFE

Why? How?
In economics, you will study CHOICES
In life, you have alot of CHOICES
In economics, you need to study how to make the best CHOICES
In life, to succeed you need to make the best CHOICES

Catch my drift?

So, learn Econs...
It's damn interesting


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