Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Save a Soul

Save a soul need there is one in need

If there is one principle of my life that I want to share with everyone, it is that quote above. Why do I give much particular in saving a soul? Because I too, had been saved by someone, and it makes all the difference.

It's weird and almost fantastical to see where I stood today if I were to consider my past. My past is not all fun and games. I'm not the person I am now today. If you knew me personally, trust me, I'm not like that a few years back.

It all started in 2008, Form 2.
I was at the bottom of the social pyramid. A bully victim and a subject of teasing and laughter. My opinion doesn't matter just as along they will get a quick laugh. I was diagnosed with a mild case of depression. I can't find joy in life. Well, if you are with me during that time period, I think you would not realized as I bottled it up.

 Then, a simple encounter with a book changed my life.

I vaguely remembered the title of the book. It was Tony Buzan's Guide to Spiritual Intelligence or something which belonged to a senior. Without nothing much to do, I read the book...and keep on reading.

I was hooked.

The senior who owned the book noticed this and said.

"Tu self improvement book. Aku ada banyak lagi. Ko nak pinjam?"

The response was obvious. I borrowed every single one of his books.

I read books after books on self improvement. I learned a lot about people, about self confidence, about social interaction and about the meaning of life.

Then the senior started to coach me. He gave motivational talks. He forced me to do work out to trim my then flabby body. He monitored my progress and listen to my problems.

Enter the year 2009, I was a completely different person.
I had confidence.
I had influence.
I had a larger circle of friends.
My opinion matters.
I had a slimmer body.
And importantly of all,
I was happy.

And it snowballs out of control. 

Year 2012
I had achieved a feat that most people in 2008 would be rolling on the floor laughing if I told them I will be here. 
And it doesn't stop there.
It will keep on snowballing and I will make sure of it.
I will make sure that the soul my senior saved is worth every single second he spent.

Seems hard to believe right? Such simple act of borrowing those books can trigger a drastic change on a person's life. But it does. I'm a living example.

Since that event, I promised to myself that I will help those in need of help; their souls searching for someone to save them from their own depression. Because if the senior didn't help me before, I won't be here. I want to make an impact in another individual's life. 

I want to save a soul.

So, I call out to all of you.

If you find someone in need of help, help out with all your abilities.

Because you might make a difference.

And the cycle goes on...

Into a world where everyone is saved


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