Friday, June 15, 2012

Carpe Diem! Memento Mori...

Carpe Diem! Carpe Diem! Carpe Diem!
Why am I addicted to this particular phrase?
Its because it is just want I need.

What does Carpe Diem means?
From what I know, it meant Seize the Day.
What is so important to it?
Seize the day meaning that you must use the day that is given to you to the full extent. Don't waste the day given to you by the Almighty with useless stuff. Instead, use it to achieve greater things in life.

In a nutshell, this is YOLO before it was cool
Hipster much.

However, from I what I understand, Carpe Diem is better that YOLO in the sense that Carpe Diem tells you to use our day and time wisely while YOLO is just an excuse to do stupid stuff.

Why am I saying this now?
Recently, I saw an increase of people with the YOLO spirit.
If the YOLO spirit meant to be doing useful stuffs that will benefit the one lifetime you are being granted with, then I have no problems with that.

People are using the YOLO idea to do stupid stuffs.

Never been caught by the police?
Never drink and drive?
Never flunked an exam?
Never gotten an anal?
Never kissed a goat?
Never kick yourself?
Never licked your elbow?

I mean, this is just ridiculous.
Forgive me for being so critical and nitpicking but this must stop.
Come on guys, You Only Live Once so use it wisely lah.

Which make us to go to our next phrase of the day, Memento Mori.
I always used Persona pictures. The game is a life changing experience indeed.

Like the picture above stated, Memento Mori means:

Remember your mortality.
Remember you will die.

I think this phrase has its relevancy to our youth's today. We are underestimating death. We don't know that even the seemingly harmless things can be the cause of your death. Or worse, you can just death without a clue. Didn't you learn that? The Quran said so.

Having said that, why are we wasting our time in doing stupid stuff?

Strengthen your iman
Explore the world
Be nice to people
Achieve your dreams
Fulfill something during your limited time here!

That's why I want to use the phrase of Carpe Diem.
Seize the day!
Use it well.
And may you succeed.

PS: I'm getting the feeling that most of my blogpost are random craps by me. I apologize for the lack of concrete facts but I really hope that my posts will jolt your brain a little to think


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