Monday, June 11, 2012

So, 16 months and what had happened?

Yo and Hello readers!
This will be my first 'blog post' after so long of a hiatus. (Consider the last post as more to an announcement rather than a proper post)

So, what's up, Nazran?
It has been 16 long months and now what?

A lot of things had happened.

I graduated finally :D
Got my SPM results
Enjoy six months of break
And recently just entered college.
Enough information for you?
So, that is the end of the story of my 16 long months!
See ya in the next post!




You really think I won't do a lengthy blog post right?
Think again,
I'm Khairul 'the awesome' Nazran! (ignore the middle name)

These past months have been hectic for me.
If I were to compare now with a year back.
Too many things had changed.
It was like THIS MUCH

One of the most drastic change?
I am now a college student.
Taylor's Lakeside University
What the heck is that?
It is this awesome university in the middle of somewhere...(Research la, lazy people...Google search bar is just up there...unless you are using toolbar)
So un-photogenic...

I went there as a scholar under Bank Negara Malaysia and now doing my ADP (American Degree Transfer Program)
How is college life?
Awesome...just awesome...
New friends are plenty and all of them are a bunch of interesting people.
Especially the other scholars.
I tell you ah,
They are like this golden duck you can't find anywhere else in the world. (Wrong comparison but what the heck)
And since I'm the only male scholar, I have all the girls for myself
Do I hear SWAG?
Oh yeahhhhhh....

Jokes aside, it is kinda lonely at times.
Because I am currently living alone.
Yes, an apartment meant for six.
And I can't even bring in any pets! so lonely...
And I reminded myself not to play Amnesia at all...if not, I don't think I can sleep that night.
0.0 *piss in le pants

What else?
Aside from college and all, I'm committing myself to another thing.

No, it is not a girlfriend *blushes*
Its my life long dream to write a novel!
That is write folks!(pun intended) Nazran is writing a novel!
I have been hanging around with the guys at until I managed to get myself a beta reader.
And that is such an accomplishment for me folks.
You know me, I never do stuff continously

But, alhamdulillah!
I'm still writing it right now!

Where is it?
Right here!----->
Its called ReGenesis, and it is my brainchild after hours and hours of being stuck in the LRT and KTM.
See, what they say is true.

Public transportation=Inspiration spot

And I also wrote another work which is more towards a stress reliever rather than a serious work.
It is called Melody of the Renaissance and it parodies my highschool experience of being in an orchestra.
Where is it?

So, what else?
That is all!
Yup, 16 months and all I can say is this couple of things. (Actually there is more but I don't want to bore you guys.)

Next post will be on the more serious stuffs! I promise!


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