Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Dreams and Reality

Hello everybody!
Guess what?
Today is the registration day for my friends in KMB aka Kolej Mara Banting. What is so special about KMB? Well, it is one the places in Malaysia (1 of the 11) that offers International Baccalaureate Diploma.

One of the places I wish I could go to...

I had always dreamed of going to KMB one day to do my IB.
IB was my favourite choice of program during my SPM days
Heck even after the results was announced, I was so passionate about IB that I begin to hang out in the IB forum.
I would do anything to do IB
They say IB is the hardest Pre-U program in the world but I don't give a F, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Dreams will always be dreams...

When I received the letter saying I got the Bank Negara Scholarship, I jumped in joy. Financial problems will be the thing of the past (IB cost around RM20k above) 
Then, I received my college placing: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, ADP

My heart sank...

My dreams of doing IB crushed into pieces...
I was happy yet, frustrated that I can't grab hold of my dream that I had worked so hard for.
So close, yet so far :(

I think to myself.
Hey, maybe Allah trying to say something here.
Maybe I'm not suited for IB
Maybe I can do more in ADP
Maybe there is something more in ADP
Just maybe...

So, I accept my fate and faced my reality of not going to IB


It was the best decision I had made

Why did I say this?
In Taylor's, I'm considered the minority group. There was lack of Malay students, a far cry from the abundance of Malay students in SBP schools.
In Taylor's, my belief system was challenge. There are more people with different mindset than me.
In Taylor's, I met more people as it is bigger than KMB.
In Taylor's, I learned survival skills, as I'm living alone in an apartment and need to navigate myself in the city.
In Taylor's, I found my true passion

See, sometimes, your dreams are not meant to be.
Not because you don't deserve it.
It is because God has more in store for you in other places.

Think about it
How many times that you didn't achieve your dreams
And ended up being far better than if you do?

So, don't be too depressed if you don't achieve your dreams
There is something better waiting for you.

And so I pray
May my new dream to get into Stanford is the right dream to fight for
I will do my very best to get it.
If I don't after all those effort,
Then I will smile, knowing there is something more.

PS: Good luck to all the IB students from KMB and also MCKK
PSS: I got really attracted to Stanford's culture and policy. Fits me more than UPenn imo


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