Friday, June 22, 2012

Face Your True Self

You know,
The initial plan was to write about INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY
which is a very interesting topic to blog about.
The last session with an amazing psychologist forced me to blog about this.

What are your values and motives?

That question really hit me hard.

I'm a person who is very adaptive.
I change personalities according to the situation.
When a question entitles me to answer about my values and most importantly, MOTIVES, I got kinda stuck.
Then, all the structure of my ego broke away and a weird question pop into my mind.

Who am I?

So, it is time again.
To dive in  deep into my soul.
And face myself.
Although it is a very hard thing to do.

Persona 4 has a strong message on facing your true self. Play it/ Watch it!

PS: I don't really make sense now. I just got literally mind raped and feels lost. So, soul searching for tonight. Wish me luck.


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