Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jump off a building they say, It will be fun they say

Pull the trigger, it will be over
You know, in my school, I always tease as 'the suicidal guy' because of a stupid imagery I used in my dramatic speech which has the phrase, "Baik aku terjun bangunan je camtu!"

A few years had passed and I'm still haven't jump off a building. (Yeah me!)

But why there are people, young people especially, taking their own life with their own hands?

Often we see the news along the lines of:

"Student Suicide"
"Jump off the building because of relationship problems."
"20 pills of panadols because of stress."
"16 years old girl commit suicide"

When we heard the news, we will go like, "OMG! Stupid idiot baka bodoh! Memang patut mati pon!"
Well it is true they are not the brightest people but how about we stop and reflect for a while.

Why did they commit suicide in the first place?

Sure, it is easy to blame on the person's lack of will power but do you really know his or her problem?

Research shown that most suicide cases happened after a significant amount of build up.

What is the build up the above statement is referring too? The piling up of problems of course. With every problems, it piles up into a huge emotional stack until the person cracked and succumbs to suicide.
You are not an assassin, so don't go and do a leap of faith from a building

In other words: Suicide don't (usually) happen after JUST one problem. The problems piles up until the person went coo-coo and jump of a building.

So, what about this 'problem pile up'?
Problem pile up is a situation where a person can't manage his or her own problems, mostly due to the fact that he or she could not do anything about it like bullying, peer pressure, expectations, poor performance and the list goes on.
Problem management also include the inability of sharing to others.
One interesting fact is that men are more likely to commit suicide that women, contrary to popular beliefs.

Because men are egoistic creatures.
They don't want to share their problems because it is deemed as weak or in a more popular way: gay.
I agree, men searching for other men to share their problems while crying or weeping is weird and out of place but did you know this is one of the reasons why suicide rates among men are higher than women?

Sure, maybe you can say: "I'm a guy and I always share my problems with my friends."
But how about those socially-awkward people who you guys like to put as an outcast?

Another interesting fact is: Asian people are more likely to commit suicide than their Western counterparts.
We all know why right?

The EXTREMELY high expectations from family and the community

Not to generalize, but in my opinion, we, Asian people are such competitive creature. The blood of Kiasu-ness run greatly in our veins. We compete to the death...literally.
I'm sure most of you knew what this meme means
This topic is really interesting to write about but I forgot I have a presentation on 'Malaysia Today' to be done. (Oh, the 9 pages long report of economy overview)
Sorry for the abrupt end of this topic!
So, in a nutshell,

Live Life, Talk about your problems, Help out those in need

I apologize again for the rushed ending
See you all later!


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