Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nazran's Tuesday: Getting The Pieces Back Together

Pergh, emo seyh ko Nazran.
Well, ignore the emo-ish post title. Today is actually kinda positive...although I hate to admit it was not as productive as the past Tuesday. *sigh* Really, home is THE PLACE where productivity went to die.

So, I start off the day by waking up from my well-earned 12 hours sleep. Why? Because last night, I read through several long economics and psychology article that piqued my interest (See? I told you I'm quite nerdish) But even with a 12 hours sleep, I can't really see the benefits of it; it is exactly the same as my 6 hours sleep. Oh well.

So, today's theme is GETTING BACK MY SHIZZZZZZZ~~!

Wait, what?
I realized that these past months, I lost my touch in a lot of things. So today is the day where I identify and hopefully find out a solution to get back my touch.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

How does GTO have to do with getting back my touch? To answer that, you need to know what GTO is all about. Basically, it's an anime where Onizuka, an ex-gang member strives to become the greatest teacher ever. One thing to highlight is his unique teaching methods and ideology. Like how he acknowledge the skill of a student who photoshopped pictures of Onizuka doing indecent acts. This acknowledge is something that student wants and that said student became his friend. He inspired people while...well becoming his self. He did care of anything BUT his students and people that he cares.

Reflecting back, I once am like Onizuka. I went to each person striving to understand them better and somehow inspire them. But lately ever since I graduated from high school, I find myself becoming a little more self-centered. Everything is about me where as it's supposed to be 'we'. My 'friends' are 'friends' and nothing more where as before, friends are FRIENDS; special and meaningful.

Wow, such moment of epiphany. *shudders*

2. Health and Wellness

Yes, I gained weight. Like 15 kg of weight since highschool. Really, how can one guy gained that much of weight just by eating normally at home? Okay fine, I do eat supper...wait no, suppers...like 1 kg of nuggets worth of supper...okay fine, I indulge sometimes...like....twice a week? or maybe thrice?....er....

I'm screwed

And it is something I lost. No longer I can jog for 30 minutes without ending up half dead at the end. No longer I can sprint that my slimmer counterparts actually intimidated by me. No longer I can brag "I'm once fat, now I'm slimmer than before!". No longer will my mak cik and pak cik at kampung will praise "Eh Nazran, dah kurus!" No longer will the girls flaunt me saying "Nazran, share ar tips camne nak kurus"


So, I went out for a jog :)
With the girls
Like 8 girls...
And I'm the only guy
Awesome right?
But damn weyh! It's freaking embarrassing!
Because logically, assuming you're a well informed samaritan and you saw a lone plumpy guy with the looks of a 5 on the Handsomeness scale walking down the road surrounded by 8 girls, what are your thoughts? It is either
1) He is babysitting his sister and her friends
2) He's gay
3) He's a hired bodyguard
4) He's gay
5) He's lost and venture too far out into the girl's territory
6) He's gay

But the looks, weyh! The judgmental looks I received along the road gave me shivers down my spine and pierce my maniless...somehow.

Ehem, anyways~

I went for a jog..yeah...

Oh and Eli, Ee Wern and I invented a new way to play badminton. But we sucked so in the end, we look more like a few headless chickens running around with rackets (ef u British english) in our hand.

Wait, so the point of this subsection is telling how awesome you went to the park as a lone guy with 8 girls?

Of course...oh, and to get back my health too.

It's something, right?

The consequences of not turning off your swag when you go to the park

Wait, just two?
Sheesh kan dah cakap, hari ni tak produktif!


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