Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nazran's Thursday: Repaying Debts

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It's time for....

Nazran's Thursday!!!
Theme: Debts

I'm famous for my plans. Really. I made a lot of plan. Like A LOTS OF PLANS. (yeah, it deserved to be bold and caps-ed) For example, that avant garde plan to remap SMSS or that plan to go busking with Jasmine or that plan to finish writing ReGenesis or that plan to update nazranvision everyday other day. And most of the times, these plans either remain dormant in the vast space of my incredible mind or gathers dust as it remains incomplete. Hence, the theme of this Thursday: DEBTS, as in repaying those 'debts' or 'plans I made but never seen the lights of completion'.

So, what debts did I repay today?

1. Sleep Debts
I always planned to repay my sleep debts and recalibrate my sleep cycle (aka circadian cycle for you bio-freaks out there). Attempts to recalibrate it has failed due to ineffective sleep. So, to start off the day, I slept in. Yes, people. I slept in.

Wait, won't it mess up your circadian cycle even further?
Well, logically, yeah.
But I read an article saying 'sleeping in during day offs can recalibrate your sleep cycle and increase your energy level' so, let's test that out.

The results: I officially started at 12pm

Oh yeahhhhhhhh

2. Have Lunch with the Pets
Since last semester, I always promised the Petronas dudes to have lunch together with them. Like most of my plans, it didn't get to be projected into reality. So today, I shall have lunch with them!

At 12 -something, I went down to the bus stand and waited for bus/taxi to go to Casa Subang. A taxi was there when I arrived. Thanking my good luck for today, I opened the taxi door with a smile.

N: Uncle, Summit boleh?
TD: Summit hah?.....RM10.
N: Eh, meter tak boleh uncle?
TD: Sekarang ni jam lah, adik. RM10
N: (Oi, kol 12 mana jam. Aku tau ar aku pernah dok sana dulu) Tak pe ar uncle. 

Hence, I said YOLO and walk allllllllll the way to Summit from SS15. In the hot noon sun. With a crappy shoe. 

And I reached Summit and had lunch with the Pets and a few more A-levels dudes.

PS: The KFC at Summit sucks. Like really. They do. Crappy quality. Slow service. Insufficient staff. I'd recommend eating at Subway. Better.

3. Spending Time with Kyou

For ages, I've been promising myself that I shall spend a lot of time with Kyou but day after day, I didn't really spend time with her. Okay, I do fantasize about spending time with her but that is also just a figment of my imagination, right? So today, I MUST spend time with her. I cleared up my 2-6pm just for her. I rejected invitations to go out (sorry guys!) because it is now or never to spend time with her.

I picked her up at Casa Subang and walked with her all the way to Summit. I swear many people just stare at the both of us, but I don't really care. I finally met Kyou and I'm gonna spend time with her.

When I reached First, I placed Kyou on my bed and just marvel at her beauty. But she is not as beautiful as before. Blemishes on her skin. Her croaky voice. Her misaligned joints.

I must do something.

I undressed her completely. Every piece of her, off. It was hard due to my inexperience and my lack of tools but I manage. From there, I fixed her up. I oiled her. Rubbed her with silicon cloth to make her shine. I tested out her every hole. I even wash her up to remove those blemishes.

After hours of tedious work, finally, Kyou is as beautiful as ever.

Kyou, in all her glory 

Among the holes I had tested. It was a little leaky so I fix it with a bit of plasticine
Her brand, although crappy, but I still love her
 So, that's Kyou, my saxophone for 6 (or was it 7?) years.

Wait, you're not thinking perverted stuff....are you?

4. UMich App

"Mentang-mentang deadline lambat, ko procrastinate ar?"

For ages, I've been holding off UMich application because I can't decide to send it which supplement. From 8-9pm, I went through everything and settled everything for this app.



And with that, Nazran's Thursday is done!
Tune in for next week's Nazran's Tuesday.
Maybe I'm gonna learn Fruity Loops.
Hell yeah!
Then I put all my dubsteps here


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