Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Sem Resolution

Anddddddddd it's


Which is kinda ironic considering there's no winter here in Malaysia. (It's summer 24/7)

Close eyes, open eyes (bad attempt of translating pejam, celik, pejam, celik) it has already been three semesters in Taylor's ADP. Can't believe this will be my last semester here. After that hectic and hellish Fall semester, Winter sem is the time of me to ENJOY. I mean, come on. I survived college apps, so I need to celebrate...right?

So, when my Winter timetable was released, my heart jumped in joy to see all three of my crucial subjects grouped together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, leaving the lone Interpersonal Communications to fill up my Tuesday and Thursday. Great enough because I have more free time this sem.

But a crazy idea popped inside my mind. A moment of epiphany when (you guessed it) I took a 3 hours public transport ride back home. (It's KTM, self explanatory).

What if I drop IPC?
I will get my Tuesday and Thursday free

And it spiraled out of control from there. Imagine the possibilities if I had free time in the middle of a productive week? I can go see the world and stuff like that. I can leverage on 'passive learning' or learning via interactions with the world itself. I can continue writing my novel. I can go to the gym for the whole day. I can go to various malls and strike a conversation with a random chick. I can go volunteer at the zoo. I can go my school and do some tutoring session. I can go cook myself a homemade meal. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Though my academic advisor was against it at first by saying "No, Nazran. You won't do it in the end." But I insist and so, with a sigh, she signed my Add/Drop form. "Fine, fine, do what you want. I believe in you"

I need your help and support to make sure my Tuesdays and Thursdays are filled with activities of any sorts.
Maybe it's something minor or some big event
I don't know. But I want to make it work.
I know
I'm bad at keep things going
But at least I try


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