Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shout Your Convictions To The Heavens! Come At Me, 2013!

2013 has arrived!
Although a little late, by there's still time to get down my resolutions for 2013.

Before that, I found something interesting in Twittersphere recently. It was this statement that is circulating around Twitter:

"2013 Resolution? Beach please, I'm happy with myself right now. I'm perfect."

Right, this might even be a joke. But you see, fellow readers, I want to make a point here.

"Complacency is the true bane of humanity"

Never be satisfied by where you are now. There are changes that could be made. Hence, this resolution.

Khairul Nazran/ Railzan Kurhna's 2013 Resolution (Not By Order of Importance)
1. Be healthier
2. Love more
3. Ponder about the world more
4. Expand intellectual breadth
5. Feel the joys of music
6. Go volunteering...lots of them
7. Complete writing half (yes, half) a novel
8. Kinder to strangers
9. Save souls
10. Be awesome

What? Not specific enough? Well, it is...just I'm lazy to write all down. If I did, it will bore you to death.


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