Monday, April 1, 2013

To Not be In Control

I know right. An update for this blog. For those who are my loyal reader (With that, I gave my heart felt thank you to you *bows*), you might have noticed that I update my new poetry blog far more frequent than this blog. Well, today I shall give you guys a well deserved update. *confetti*

I woke up early today. Yeah, I want to ditch my habit of oversleeping during weekdays and increase productivity. Plus, I have a project paper due this week and the kiasu me said that it MUST be flawless with TONS of sources and SUPER LEGIT arguments. I just can't help to feel kiasu. With still zero news from universities (haiz) which indirectly caused my subpar Psychology midterms results, I feel at I'm getting inferior by the second hence, the sudden surge of kiasu-ness.

So, I woke up early and build up my fort at the Taylor's library. Out of the blue, this article appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. Now, if you are one of those lazy asses who hated reading, scroll down to point 9,

Situations You Have ZERO Control Over

Wow, it is the bold and font size necessary?

Because I want to send a message here. A message telling the people of the world that there are situations that they have ZERO control over...and there is nothing they can do about it. The world is a dynamic place. Everything is ever changing whether you like it or not. Can you control all of these variables? You can't. Even if you are a scientist conducting an experiment, there are only so much variables you can keep constant and control. Only God can trully control everything in this world.

So, I have no it a bad thing? To not have control?

Well, you might have the wrong idea here. You have no control over things you REALLY have no control off. (Wow, that helps. Gee, thanks) For example, you entered an art competition and painted your best painting ever. That is what you can control; what sort of painting you would like to paint, what medium, what strokes, what picture etc. But the judges didn't make you champion, instead made you second runner up. Now, can you control the judge's decision? Can you just say "I did my best therefore I must win?" to the judges? 


Because logically, who are you to control the judge's decision. Maybe your 'best' is the 'third best' in their eyes. And you control that perception? You can't.

Okay, Nazran. I get it. So everything is kay, right?

Well, it is not okay.
Because I believe that the line between things you can control and things you can't control is too blurry for most people to perceive that it became the cause of a great deal of stress where as it should not be.

How many times we see a person stressed out about competition results?
How many times we see a person stressed out about a failed job interview?
How many times we see a person stressed out about a failed college admission (Ouch, burn)
How many times we see a person stressed out about we see people getting worked up for things we can't and will not control? (Ehem, politics, ehem)

Some parts of life are just not for you to control, but for you to experience.

So, don't be a dictator.


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