Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I took Public Transport

Who the heck took the LRT to work?
I'm frickin' 18
You know that means?
I have a fricking driver's license
But too bad though, I DON'T HAVE A FRICKIN' CAR!
So what are my options, as someone who traveled a lot?


Every single Malaysian knows that the Malaysia's public transport are absolutely depressing though improving bit by bit.
Malaysian opt more to take their own vehicle to travel around because logically, it's more efficient.


After all these years of taking the public transport, I found that it's better for myself to take the public transport rather than driving around myself simply because I CAN DEVELOP MYSELF MORE

Self development?
What the heaven (hell is too mainstream) are you talking about? Makes no logical sense.

Well dear readers,
Life was never logical
And will never be.

You see, I find myself more productive when taking the public transport. And yes, I'm gonna rant again about my productivity levels again and again and again.

When I took public transport, I find myself thinking more and more. My brain will start to wandering around my subconscious, searching and synthesizing ideas while I wait for the freaking KTM to finally arrive after delaying for the 10th time.

I realized that most of the ideas from ReGenesis was founded when I was drooling in the bus
I realized that most of my social observation have been done in the LRT
I realized that most of my practice time from small talk was from riding a taxi
I realized that if I took public transport, I swear less and less. (Seriously, when I drive, I 5 languages alot)

Yesterday, I took a bus from Sunway to KL
And there was this foreigner sitting next to me.
He asked me about the direction to KLCC which I replied expertly due to my knowledge with public transport.
Then we started talking...
I found out that...
-He was an ex-Libyan Liberation Front member
-He is a black belt in Aikido
-He once got shot by a sniper
-He once killed a man
-He has a Masters in Civil Engineering
-He is a fricking eligible Muslim
-He has a 600++ books in his library
-He has a 4 TB worth of documentary

See? I met such an interesting person in THE BUS
And he is not the only one
I met and talked with ex-bohsia, ex-army, a professor, a blindman, a cancer patient all in the public transport
It, ultimately, helped me to discover more and more

Be adventurous
Be brave
Be open minded
And take the public transport

Who knows,
You might be the next Densha Otoko
And meet the love of your life in a LRT


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