Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Man's Tear

A man doesn't simple shed a tear
Because a man is a man
Tears are a sign of weakness; a sign of him losing the very essence of his manliness.

I heard one saying that says:

A man's tears are like diamonds
It withstand enormous pressure before actually letting it out

When a man cries, most of us will saying like "What are you a sissy?" or  "Crying? Come on, you are a man"

But do you KNOW the reason behind those tears?

As mentioned earlier, a man cries when he is at his lowest; pressured from every direction, in pain yet helpless. He, being a man, won't be intimidated by small challenges, by when challenges that are far too big for him to handled was given to him, he will cry...and shed a tear...

Why am I writing about a man's tear?

Because I shed one...

And I witness the strongest man I knew...
A man who withstood countless challenges
A man who knew the bottom of the social pyramid at the back of his hands
A man who once faced poverty and jumped right back up

That man shed a tear...
That man shed TEARS
A testament to the pressure he faced...

Maybe you are wondering


One word:


Yes, family
That is an any man's weakness and strength
It will make or brake any man alive

See history
See literature
See the people around you 

Ask any successful man alive, what drives them?
Ask any broken man, what broke them?

FAMILY will make a man shed tears...
When he does...
that shows how important FAMILY for him


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