Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romance- The Best Catalyst?

So let's talk about romance
No, don't talk about the joys of a relationship
Let's talk about the effects of it...

I lived in Malaysia, where relationships among students in often being stereotyped as THE FALL OF EVERY SINGLE STUDENT KNOW TO MAN

Okay, that's over exaggeration but really, if you are a student AND in a relationship, you will be labeled as:


And so on so forth...

But is reality that true?

Everyone knows that there are many different kinds of romantic relationships. There are relationship which are superficial and fake; relationships which are materialistic; relationship which are purely sexual; relationship which are abusive; relationship which are mutual etc

The thing is; students, especially teenage students; are a bunch of immature people. Not to insult anyone but it's reality. Driven by hormones and emotions, teenagers are an unstable bunch. Put two of these kinds of the opposite sex together and you have a pretty much and unstable relationship.

Why unstable?
Because this kind of relationship are often short sighted
Only to seek the thrill of an 'I love you'
That's why it fails
And consequently affect everything like your studies and other social responsiblities
And thus, the stereotype was born.

But again, there was an exception
What if, you can see the future?
The future where you and him/her are together?
And envision it together?
Immediately, all your actions will be strokes to paint the picture that you envisioned.
Thus, a stable and long lasting relationship is formed...

That's why, think about marriage first before the actually relationship.
The quote "Think with the end in mind" applies to relationships too.

I've seen many students in a relationship who strive and become a very successful student. Among scholars, there are people who are in a relationship. And most of them, when interviewed, admit that they had a vision where they finally get married to their significant other and use that as a catalyst to drive them forward even more. They study so they could succeed. Be a good husband. Be a good wife. Be a good father. Be a good mother. That is their goal, and they work for it!

Thus, the relationship works...
But it's a mutual thing...
One can't done in alone...
Both sides must work together...
It's a relationship right?

Why such confidence with that statement?
Because I'm one of them...

EDIT: Since people are getting butthurt for no reason, the above statement refers to the "Using romance as a catalyst" part...not the freaking "Confirm get married to the one"...Haiz perception...

Either way, it shows how addicted we are with the topic of marriage


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