Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trip Down the Memory Lane

Memories are meant to be cherish

As cliche'd as it sounds, we all can agree that memories are treasures; something that is precious and valuable to an individual. How could you not cherish memories?

The time you cried in a department store
The time you pee in your pants due to fright from a horror movie
The time you first went to school
The time you made your first friend
The time you first did an exam
The time you first had a girlfriend
The time you cried during the last day of school

All of these are memories; no matter how happy or sad it is.
Memories are special
It doesn't exist physically as in something that can be viewed and felt like a four dimensional video.
It exists merely as a group of neurons sequence in the deepest parts of our brains.
However, we associate physical objects to that certain memories in order for our brains to achieve a jolt to squander for the memory that resides deep in our brain.

That physical object is often called: Memento

And that's the topic of today

Today, I did a huge spring cleaning of my room. And believe me, 


As tedious as it was, I find something enjoyable about spring cleaning; that is the treasure hunt behind it.

My room is full of memento. I make it a habit to collect objects that associate with a certain memory so I could recall it and feel nostalgic.

This year is the first year I'm not a SMSS student

Such a mistake because MOST of my memento are form SMSS

Among the stuff I found:

  • My English Journal when I was in Form Three
  • A love poem dedicated to 'her' from 2010 (Strawberry and Mint was the title, gonna post it later)
  • A box full of notes
  • My SPM trial papers
  • My old MP3 from 2007
  • F1 Pamphlets from 2010 and 2011
  • Keychains from Singapore and Langkawi
  • Name tags...from all kinds...and names
All of these Genesis T-shirt...I'm giving it away for free...Any takers?

KTJ Official Pamphlet...So thick I tell you

My collection of PS2 games...waaa I wish I could play them all again T_T

My best friend. He help me discovered life while having fun. Died last year. RIP good friend T_T

The untouched

Proposal of SMSS Student Council...signed by the Principal...but never seen the light of the day

Tags from F1, Band, MSLS, Eduquest and Flash mob!

Tons of trinkets...serious...

When I'm browsing through all of these memento, I nearly cried...
All the good and bad times...
Every single one of them...
Is the reason why I'm here today.
It shaped me...indirectly or directly
And without one of them, I would be a different person...
It's my motivation...
To make more and more memories
And collect more and more memento


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