Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reality of Post Examinations

I just knew my ADP examination results this morning and my first reaction was:

"What the ef? Why?!! WHY??!! WHY?!!"

Then I go,

"It's all my fault! Why I didn't study? Why didn't I play games? Why did I watch anime? Why did I call her almost everyday? Why/????

Then it was like...

"Meh, screw this..."

And then...

"Wow, it was not that bad..."

And finally,

"Woohoo! My results are awesome!!!"

Now, can you see my different reaction as time goes by? Psychologist may find this similar to the "Circle of Acceptance" or something. I don't know. I can't remember the exact term.

You see, obtaining one's result can be both sad or happy occasion...well mostly because of the results itself. But there how we react is actually conditional and heavily depend on our perspective of the results itself.

Read back my responses above. At first, I was so frustrated as if the world would end because I didn't achieved my desirable results but at the end, I was jumping in joy of my results as if it exceeds my dream score by a mile.

I'm sure all of you had taken exams before. Have you ever feel jealous of your classmates who scored better than you? All those regrets you thought about and did which you think affect your score. But the weird thing is, they're completely unsatisfied with their awesome results. Now, you compare yourself with someone with a lower score than you. Your heart jumped in joy as the feeling of superiority fills your psyche. The weird thing is, they're much happier with their score than you with yours.

Now do you catch my drift?

How we respond to our results are heavily dependent on our perspectives and views on the said results.

What about perspective?
You see, the reason the top students felt unhappy is because the result didn't gave them satisfaction. It was lower than their expected scores, of course they are unhappy. Same goes to the lower scoring students. They were happy because their score was better than their expected scores.

Sure, I'm expecting highly of my grades and I felt unhappy for not achieving my desirable results. But why did I became so happy? It's because I change my perspective of it.

What did I change in my perspective?
To put it simply, I began to reflect on my other activities. What did I do aside from studying? To tell the truth, I did a lot of things aside for studying during college. I read, write, play, socialize, enter clubs, explore the world, debate, observe, research, help, and so on. I did A LOT OF THINGS.

Then I rationalize...
I sacrifice my grades to do all of these things. It's a fair trade don't you think? I sacrifice my grades to gain knowledge on another subject called LIFE.

No, I'm not implying that you should sacrifice your whole study to learn about LIFE or every top scorer doesn't have a life but I want you to think. Rather than being overly depressed about the results you DON'T get, why not be happy about the other achievements you DID make.

Not every people are inclined academically. That's what I learnt from my brothers. So don't be sad about your exam scores. Think further and further! Life is not just a number like a test score.

However, if you didn't achieve anything or learn anything from life, then it's a huge problem for you. GO AND DO SOMETHING LAH!

PS: My exam results are not that bad. It's just I'm pressure by those other 4 flat bankies around me...Yes, I'm a KIASU
PSS: I got 3.89 for the sem FYI
PSSS: Okay fine, call me ungrateful brat...sheesh, I'm just trying to make a point and reflect on a pressing topic
PSSSS: I like food


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