Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Degree Up On the Wall

Mr ***
has been awarded the
Bachelor of Business Administration
University of X

I always admired all those certificates and degrees hanged on the wall of houses I visited. It gave me an impression that the people in this household are indeed sophisticated and educated. It sent shivers down of spine in admiration and aspiration. 

But when I returned to my house, there were no certificates hanged on the wall.

Yes, you can't see any degrees up on the wall with all its grandeur in my house.

And if I'm not mistaken, my dad IS a degree holder. 
If that's so, where is the degree?

An innocent inquiry to my dad was responded with this:

"My degree? Oh, I think I left my degree at the States. You know, when I refuse to go back to US to do my Masters, I just left everything there."


It baffled me.
How could you say like that???!!
That degree
That certificate
All those hours, sweat, blood and tears to get that degree
And you wasted the only prove to tell the whole world, "HEY WORLD! I PASSED FOUR YEARS OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDY AND THIS IS MY PROVE!"

My dad, being...well, dad, just laugh it off.

But it doesn't mean he was not successful.
Although with a very rough start, but he managed to climb to the zenith of success.
He has a company of his own
He managed to raise a great and awesome family with his wife
Heck, he even gave a keynote speech for a convention (That was one of my dreams...awwww)

But he didn't have a degree hanged up the wall of his own house.

Oh, the irony.

And asked again about why he left his degree, he replied with this.

"A degree is, but a piece of paper. You don't study for a piece of paper with your name on it. You study for the knowledge. For the experience. For the insights. Those will propel you forward and upward. Not a piece of paper."

And. Boom.

Case closed.

If you study just for a 'First Class Honors' or 'Somma Cum Laude' on your degree,
Then remember this.

It is still, at best, a piece of paper.
Glorified, Embellished
But proves nothing
What is important, ultimately,
is what you get along the way


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