Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Gentleman Code

Why can't all men be gentlemen?

So a lady friend made this statement which suddenly made me shuddered in nostalgia. All those stupid moments albeit bitter ones too came rushing back to me. I started to become retrospective all of the sudden.

The word 'gentlemen' had once became a code for me. Remember how I was once obsessed with knights? I embodied it into the modern world as an obsession of becoming a gentlemen. 

I followed something called the 'Gentleman's Code', a code made just for...well, gentlemen or aspiring gentlemen. When I think about it back, I suspect it was made in the 1920's because it was so old school. Among the codes are:

-Never ask a woman for money
-Always carry her bags
-Treat a woman...always
-Never make sarcastic comments, only praises of her beauty

Call me traditional or old school or something but I DID follow this code. EVERY. SINGLE. CODE.
Man, I'm a little embarrassed. 

I did follow the code because I want to stand out. I know myself. I'm not handsome. I don't even have an acceptable body figure. Fats hang above my pants line. Acne destroyed my face. My smile was so awkward that a baby would instantly cry at the sight of it.

To sum it up, my looks suck

So, I wanted to leverage on personality and decorum
Therefore, the Gentlemen's Code

But you know, I tried doing it to girls, expecting at least an interest towards me. Sure, it impressed some of them but the most undesirable thing happened.

Or in a context of a crush relationship

And that really hit me hard. I found out that girls, are attracted to douchebags/bad boys, no matter how much they would like to deny it. They like to be treated as an equal male not a women, something I find it ironical. 

It irks me. It simply pissing me off. I put my ego put the line, only get trampled on. And since that, I gave up on the Gentlemen's code.

So, end of story?

Not really. Being a douchebag might get you a girlfriend or two but ultimately, you're still a douchebag. Feared but not respected.

Best course of action? 


Instead of being a girl's slave or being a totally douchebag, I think the best course of action is to just be nice.

Not only to girls, but everyone in general
You don't need a 'Gentlemen's Code'
Your innate moral codes are more than sufficient to be nice.



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