Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Relax? Or not to relax?

Shakespeare's Hamlet was renowned for the strings of bad actors that plays Hamlet. One of the line from that play is:

To be, or not to be. That's the question

For me, I share that same dilemma.

To relax, or not to relax. That's the question

We live in a fairly competitive environment. Heck, fairly competitive is an understatement. In this globalized world of the information era, filled with 'kiasu' people, COMPETITION IS FREAKING HIGH.

No joke. I mean look at the tech industry. One day we have Iphone 6, then THE NEXT MORNING, S4 will be released. The consumer can't even keep up because the competition between these two giants is simply too fast.

So, when competition is high, we can't and I mean it, CAN'T slack off. Productivity must be at it's peak and on the PPF curve (Economics jargon FTW)

When I say, 'Oh, I need to relax a bit', I will get a look like: "OMG You had just committed a HUGE SIN. REPENT IMMEDIATELY SINNER! IMMEDIATELY!" or something like that.

Come on, can't I just relax?
No wait. The best question is

Can't we just relax?

Most kiasu people will respond with "No, I can't relax. I have to study. I have a family to bla bla bla"
As far as I'm interested in your life story, I am baffled why some people just don't what to relax.

It's depressing, seriously. When I see people hunched over their desk studying and cramming WITHOUT stop, I can't help to think why am I not studying. But I DO study. Just not in that such intensity. I took breaks...alot of them. Like, 10 minutes for every 40-50 minutes of effective study.

Because with breaks, I can sustain my focus over a longer time of period...

And who doesn't like breaks right?

Have a break, Have a Choki-Choki

Because Kit-Kat is too main stream


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