Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And With That, I Bid You Farewell and Good Luck

Imagine a situation:
You have a friend, who you spend five years with together, facing angels and demons and anything in between. Then suddenly, one day, your friend had sprouted wings and fly away. What will you do as your last moment together?

Sorry, can't resist cuteness

Will you cry?
Will you laugh?
Will you reminiscent together?
Will you crack another joke?

Well that went through my mind these past few days. I had four member of Genesis flying off to Egypt to continue their journey in pursing knowledge and the answer of life. As you all know, Genesis means a lot to me. (Duh, read my past posts) So, I made a resolution.

I Shall Go and Send Off Each and Every One of Them at KLIA
No matter how I will do it,
I shall definitely do it.

Again, the most obvious question would be: Why?
Why waste time, money and energy to send off your batchmates?
Isn't a Facebook post is enough?

The reason is simple:
What else drives a man more than LOVE?
A powerful emotion; capable of creation and destruction. In the case, it gave a positive effect.

However, the path of proving one's love is rumoured to be a path full of thorns and bumps...

Love was never simple. Love is hard. Falling in love is hard. Sustaining love is hard. Proving your love is even harder.

I can't believe all those obstacle I need to overcome to make my statement come true. Among the things:
-I got stranded in the middle of nowhere
-My car broke down
-Shivering at the side of the road, waiting for the storm to subside
-Waking up early for class, sleeping very late at night
-Money, TONS of it
-Driving like a madman with speed reaching 160km/h to the airport
-Exploring Selangor like an avid explorer
-Actually writing this blogpost

More and more, it seems my marginal cost overshadowed my marginal benefit (Economics Reference FTW!) It was simply not worth it to send ALL FOUR OF THEM at KLIA. Like KLIA is a freaking 5 minutes drive from your place. It took almost AN HOUR.

But, for some reason void of logic and rationale, I did just that...
Although I didn't really managed to send off Khal and Aien properly, at least I waved at them as they disappeared into the departure hall.
Again, why?
Simple: LOVE

Friends are aplenty. Sure, there are normal friends, close friends, best friends, BFFs and such but inevitably, they are all FRIENDS. The fact they are your FRIEND makes all the difference.

I believe in the Butterfly Effect which states:

 The sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic non liner system can result in large differences to a later state

In other words:

Anything you do or anything that effects you, no matter how small it is, will make a huge impact on you later on.

*My interpretation FYI*

When a certain friend made his or her presence in your life, inevitably they will make an impact onto you. And believe me, ALL of the four Genesis guys and girls that flew to Egypt, no matter how close they are to me, DID made an impact onto me.

And I'm not even bullshiting

That's why, I love all my friends. The fact they exist is good enough for me. I may not show it but I truly do treasure my friends, ALL OF THEM.

You guys made an impact in my life, that's why I love you guys...


Emi, the hyperactive girl with a strong heart

Aiman aka Piah, the long arms of Perwira

Not in picture form (Due to a certain group of girls being late):
Aien, the bubbly-pavlova-sweet things loving girl
Khal, the timid yet very strong and bold girl

We, from would like to give you:



Eastern Epitome of Light said...

I am crying, the fact that i missed out all of them, can't even go there and send them flying overseas are one of those freaking times I do need a time machine to go back through time...

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