Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Change 2.0

The view from my room...Constructions...constructions everywhere

Sometimes when I'm staring out of the window, I wondered about my life. Self reflection is a need, no? Among the things I wondered about is:
  • My past
  • My achievements
  • My dreams
  • My present
  • My future
  • What to eat for dinner tonight
  • How to manage my finances
  • How the heck scientists discovered Higgs particles
  • Why is my apartment full of ants
Jokes aside, I do stare at the window a lot and the most recent topic that accompanied me more than the others are: my past and present.

I find it rather surreal. To be in an apartment (alone) in the middle of Subang, with a thick Calculus book and an even thicker SAT book on your desk. Your food are mostly processed, devoid of any sort of homey aura. There is no laughter or chatters or the ear piercing "WOI TURUN BOLA!" There is no junior to be your slave (hehehe) fulfilling your every demands. And most importantly, there is no one to accompany you.

Yes, people...
I'm alone

A far cry from my past where I'm always surrounded with friends of many, many different personalities. Sains Selangor has a lot of interesting people. Genesis has even more. As I find myself typing this blog post, my mind wanders occasionally, reminiscing the wonderful past of my life as a student in SM Sains Selangor. Although I despise that life before, but more and more I'm longing to return to that said past. 'Time wait for no man' As cliched as it sounds, it's the truth. Moving on the best option while cherishing the memories of the past.

The winds of change greeted us all...

Some find it hard to believe that school life is over.
Those hectic fun-filled days were replace with days where you compete and fight with others.
There is no more goofing off, and if there is, the amount is at absolute minimum.
As if you goof off to much, your future will be in jeopardy.
Because of that, WE became distant.
Invisible walls appeared one by one as WE became more and more self-centered.
Our personal goals are far more important in this current time
And I'm not denying that.
As bitter as it sound, this is reality.
The cold harsh reality we must face. 
The change we must accept.


That doesn't mean that we are not friends.

"The bond between us are unbreakable because we had faced monsters together.
Without a strong bond, we would die a long time ago
But yet, we survive.
That is how strong our bonds are."

The bond is still there, strong and steady and as resilient as ever.
It's just we need time to sort out our own goals in life.
Adulthood is a confusing matter for most.

We still had gatherings and outings to catch up.
If any news came up, sad or happy, share it to the others.
We still talk and mention and comment and IM in Facebook and Twitter.
I admit, it was just like those days again, just without a physical presence.

And the winds of change greeted us all...

It is almost surreal once again.
The worst batch of SMSS, they said...
But we fared it of quite well I might say.
One by one, Genesis made their name known to the others.

"Hidupku diselubungi bdk2 sek men sc slangor. Everywhere i go, mesti ade SMSS. yg genesis pnye batch tu HAHA.”
There are going to be people in US
There are going to be people in UK
There are going to be people in Australia
There are going to be people in Egypt
There are going to be people in Japan
Not forgetting the most important part of all,
There are still people in Malaysia, ready to inspiring others in the name of progress.

Sure, we are a naughty bunch during our school days.
But I know you guys
And without you all realizing it, I have been observing you.
Each and every one of you.
I remembered the time when I was the Batch Leader in 2009
I made a profile of almost all the member of Genesis back then.
And in 2011, I made another profile.
Why did I made that profile?
Because I wanted to learn more.
You guys are a very interesting bunch.

How Sabah wants to destroy himself and later proved to be a great student.
How BK wanted to find his true calling which 2 years later, he finally got it
How Naqi faced a dilemma with the rugby team
How Aqil wanted to study but can't find a teacher who is willing to
How Mullah tried so far to get the girls of his dreams
How Emi fend off social perception and be strong under pressure
How Wazir desperately tries to be the best and make his life better
How Arif deals with his broken heart
How Jeevan strife to prove himself
How loving Hilfi can be behind his exterior
How thoughtful Pijie can be behind his loudness
How Mafis worked really hard to overcome his weakness
How Jas and Amal solve their problems when everyone didn't trust them
How Sapek managed to smile despite all those teasing
How Khair proved to the others that willpower transcends handicap
How Adib continues to serve the society that did appreciate him
How strict Syamim can be to uphold justice
How Mike attract attention to make life fun for him and the others
How Flintstone realized his inferiority and promised to overcome it
How Amek envied other but then work on his strengths
How Karo did a job he hates in the name of upholding the institution
How Ilham read through tons of book to prove others his worth and capabilities. 
How Farah Nabilah work on and on with her studies and never give up a slight

I wish to list more and more but then it will go on forever.
I remembered all of those things
And it taught we a lot.
I won't be here, as a scholar, going to a university smack right in the middle of a city, now sitting alone in an apartment in Subang, typing out one heck of an emotional blog post.
If you guys didn't taught me the subject called 'Life'

And the winds of change greeted us all.
But remember guys, no matter how strong the winds are.
Our bond stayed strong.

I made a promise
If I were to depart from Malaysia in pursuit of knowledge, I will wear the official sweater.
With the Genesis crest etched on my back, I will rise my right hand up, as a sign of "I'll be back"

And who knows,
When we all came back together,
A year from now,
5 years from now,
10 years from now,
We, as an individual has change for the better.
But our bond and identity remains the same.
Within the Grand Ballroom of Dewan Perdana GCorp, our laughter echoed through the night again.


Farahin Najwa said...

bergenang airmata eden~

Syahirah Nadiah MJ said...

Inspiring and on top of it all it reminds me of Genesis and it's soooooooooo sad you know :(

Jasmine Alya said...

Oh me oh my Nazran :')

Anonymous said...


aisyahshakirah said...

I'm not one of the GENESISian, but my classmate, Sarah is from GENESIS. Yet, your entry triggered this slight feeling, i myself don't know what it is, can't comprehend. To smile, to cry, or maybe both.

Keep on writing. Very good use of English you got there.


Eastern Epitome of Light said...

I agree... I will always make my love towards Genesis to push me up becoming someone that can create great histories to the world...

Nur Wazir Nordin said...
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Nur Wazir Nordin said...

I wonder why I'm still reading this. It's been almost 3.5 years for God's sake, but it seems like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to each other.

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