Monday, July 23, 2012

Home...The Place where Productivity Rate Drops to 0%

Home Sweet Home...
Ever since my surgery, I have been home for an extended period of time. A treat, you see as I seldom spent my time home during the other times. I usually spent my time in school, in college, or out venturing the world out there.

There is a reason for this...

Sadly, this so called 'Paradise' is also a place where my productivity rates plunge into the depths of Lazy Town. It's a weird phenomenon see. The moment I touched down or entered my house's perimeter, my vigor and drive vanished into thin air and it replaced with the need to screw everything and chill.

I blame my five years of boarding school for this. In school, there was no room of absolute relaxation. So, I trained myself to push and push and work to be productive. The results? A great school life with a balance between academia, social interactions, extra curricular activities and soft skills development.

But there were times where you are permitted to go home for the weekends and those times were a godsend for me. I would screw my productivity and have a nice two days of relaxation. When, I came back to school, I would put on my 'Game Face' back and continued being productive.This repeats until the end of my school days.

However, this tricks my mind into associating home with total relaxation which caused me to not work when I'm home. I did tried my best to correct this mind association but I was successful just like the Greek's economy. Rather than changing this mindset, I adapt and tried to minimize my home time to the least as possible.

And now, I'm what you should say 'crippled' and can't go out from the school.
Therefore, I'm subjected to a very long unproductive streak.
This disturbs me
Considering my Finals is in two weeks
With my classmates already being so ahead from my in SAT preparation
My Kiasu-ness inside me was restless
Even so, I still can't break this unproductive streak...



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