Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Renaissance: The Tale of Hardship, Perseverance and Glory

Guess that above picture...
Come on, it's not that hard.

That my friend, is they very proof of COLD HARD SUCCESS

Why did I say that?
If I were to travel back in time to five years before, people say I would be crazy to say that SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS SELANGOR is the Champion for Wind Orchestra SBP.
Because SMSS back then was one of the worst team in the whole competition, period...
But with a vision in mind,
With Perseverance,
With Passion,
SMSS Wind Orchestra push on and after only 7 years since its inception, achieved the title of Champion.

This is the tale of The Renaissance aka my beloved Orchestra

Year 2012 was not a great year for TheR at start.
Depressed from their initial failure to get the title of champion in 2011, most of the team's morale where down. I saw it obviously during my visit in January. Everything was in shambles. There were no organization in anything. Almost no one went for training. Even the teacher predicted that this year TheR might not even be into the Finals. It, sincerely, breaks my heart to see it...and it breaks me more to know that I can't do much to help.

Led by no other than Faris Asyraf aka Dan
This year's management team faced a huge handicap; they had the least members.
Plus with their lack of credibility, the future seems bleak.

They did meetings, strategy meetings.
They figure out the problems of the band and tackle it straight.
They formed a close bond with the Manager, Abang Rizal.
They formed a close bond with the orchestra
And soon the situation started to brighten a little by little.
Although they were underestimated, they pressed on...something most of us will give up after the initial failure.
And there you go,
The Management Team which lead the orchestra to being the champion.

Congratulations my junior

Enter Arief Daslim...
A virtuoso flutist.
However, he has been chosen to be a conductor...
Initially though...
Without any prior knowledge of being a conductor, he accepts.
So it began, his challenge of juggling around with being the conductor and supporting Dan in the Management side.
Honestly, he had it rough this year, BIG TIME.
But yeah, he pressed on.
And look what we have here: The conductor of the winning team
Something even the most stylish (Faliq) and the most expressive (Me) conductor had not achieved yet.

Me talking about all this factors that made TheR champion made me realized one thing.
The one guy who pressed on more and the others
The one guy who inspires more and more after him
The one guy who laughs and cry with the orchestra every year
The one guy who handles all the big big events
The one guy you saw running around handling errands
The one who starts it all
The one with vision.

The one guy called our Orchestra Manager

Under his management, the orchestra flourish year by year.
And he of all people demonstrate the meaning of true perseverance. 
Thank you for all the thing you had done.
And not to forgot also,
The Mother of the Orchestra:
For sticking with us...
Since 2002! (Fact maybe wrong)

As I watched the orchestra played last Sunday, all I can do is to hold back my tears.
As being in the orchestra was one of the best times I had in my life.
It taught me a lot of things and changed me ultimately.
If I took another road and joined the rugby for instance.
I think I will be a completely different person.
If I were to write my college application to Stanford, I will definitely write about the orchestra.

I missed being in the orchestra.
I really do.
Being a saxophonist, oboist and later the conductor, it cherished those times.
Although I didn't personally earn the trophy but I knew, I did my part of teaching and inspiring my juniors to aim high and become the champion.

So there it is,
The Tale of The Renaissance
The Worst Band into the Best Band


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