Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Journey of Words, Stories, Emotions and Memories

In the midst of me being unproductive at home...
I did something productive yesterday!
Yeah, me!
*Cue Fanfare*

So what did I actually did?
First of all, I found an awesome translated light novel on the internet. And I daresay, it really inspires me and kinda burns my spirit with the flames of passion and determination (heh...cliche')
Which light novel is it?
It is Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara.
A dark story of a MMORPG of death, similar to .Hack. The story is really compelling with a HUGE dash of romance which kinda balance the action side of it.
And it also just released an anime with the OP sung by LISA! :)))))))
Kirito with the overly cute Asuna <3

By man, I'm getting side tracked.
Anyways, after reading the novel I found my writer's spirit burning once again.
And after a turn of events, I began to read through ALL of my previous writings one by one...cue many memories and nostalgia.

I remembered my very first venture into the writing world. It was back in 2003, when I was only 9 years old (Yes, people...THAT young)
I remembered there was this site called crazybone.com with a feature called 'Interactive Stories' where users can upload stories for others to see. My cousin persuade me to join the site and write some stuff.
Since I was just a kid, living in the Pokemon/Digimon era, I wrote a story called E-Monsters, the concept very similar to Digimon while my cousin wrote Virtuapets.
Time and time passed and I kept on writing. I love writing and creating my own world for others to experience. Although my proficiency of writing in the English language was of a kid, I still kept on writing E-Monsters. Even when my cousin gave up his Virtuapets, I kept on writing E-Monsters.

I remembered, the last updated on E-Monsters was chapter 22, almost half way through the original story.
Then, I lost my touch...

Enter 2006, UPSR year.
Suddenly, I feel like writing again.
I rummaged through my files and founded E-Monsters, my passion sparked again.
So I wrote a more mature version of E-Monsters, with better writing styles and structured plot.
But again, it didn't last long.
I outgrew writing about kids with pet monsters.
And I stop E-Monsters for good.
With the last written story is E-Monsters: The Clash of Zunama and Unama

I found FanFiction.net not long after, a website where I can read fanfiction...TONS of them.
So I read and read and read.
I sharpen my 'writing and character insight' through this.
I can separate the cliche from the unique, get the sense of character development and various writing styles.
The only downside is most people who wrote fanfiction didn't have that powerful grammar...so my grammar suffers.

Enter highschool, year 2007.
For some reason, I started writing again.
This time, it was Moonlight Heir- a story about a boy who found out he has a power that can turn the tables of the war. Inspired by Eragon, I wrote until 13 chapters.
I did share my writings with my classmates, they were impressed.
I used this as motivation to kept on writing Moonlight Heir

Then again in 2008, I stopped.
The original manuscript of Moonlight Heir was scattered, making me frustrated and stopped entirely.
I didn't write anything...until
The long holiday of 2008
During this time, there was no internet during that time.
So I found myself writing again.
I wrote one of my best writing during this time.
Step into the Night
This was my very first writing where I utilize every thing I learned since 2003 to create what to be a masterpiece during that time.
I love it.
The feeling of euphoria when I finished a chapter drove me forwards.
I love Step into the Night

Step into the Night sustained until 2011
I rewrote Step into the Night for around 5 times.
Chapter 1 to 6 then rewriting it back and back again...
To get the perfect storyline, plot, character and feel.
I drafted SitN until it was a huge franchise.
With 2 books for the first part and another 2 books for the second part with 3 parallel worlds, it can accumulate to 8 books in total
Unfortunately, because of an unfortunate event in 2011 where my laptop was stolen, ALL of the data was lost.
And I was heartbroken.
Really I was...
All my hardwork...
Then only remaining signs of Step into the Night was in Writing.com
The raw, unedited version of it still lurks in the net.
But people will never see the continuation, as it has been lost along with my laptop.
SitN dies at chapter 8.

End of 2011, the end of my school days.
One of my beta readers came to me and asked:

"Nazran, when do you want to continue writing. I missed your stories so much"

I was touched. There are people who wanted me to continue writing stories.
Therefore, I began drafting once again.
And my best work currently was born:
With a much mature narration than before, I daresay it is a piece of work worthy to be published once it is finished (Not to brag or anything, I just wrote to the standards of today's novel)
Now, it stood at 12 chapters.
38 000 words.
The longest piece of writing yet...and it doesn't stop there.

Along with it is The Renaissance's Melody, a parody story for my orchestra.
I has a more light hearted feel to it.

Here is the link for both pieces

Looking back, I had a long history of writing including writing for blogs.
It is one of the things that I love, despite my impotency in it before.
I stop a lot of times but I never gave it up.
I still want to write and write and write
Until one day, I can see my book on the selves of MPH 

Never give up on something you love.
Stop you may
But never give in.
Pick it up back where you left it
Dig it up from where you bury it.
Feed it with your passion
And you may...can feel what it is like to be alive


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