Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MPO used to be my favourite team before....

Corporate Attack!

Bye bye MPO
You will be sorely missed.

Why am I saying this?
Refer to this article:

Why MPO?

I can't comprehend why would you sack great players with great sense of loyalty for the team. To add insults to injury, some of them were the pioneering members! And they got sacked...For what reason? Reason can't be disclose


Yeah, true, those players are not 'Malaysian'
But they serve Malaysian for years, some until 14 years
And they don't suck at music either.
They have been called as guest players for many of the world's renown orchestra
Even being offered a spot in the said orchestra.
But yet, they still came back to Malaysia. AS AN ACT OF LOYALTY

We Malaysia send students overseas to learn
And in the end, they left Malaysia for good.
Are they professional? Bagus sangat ke?
Fresh grad je pun...
Yet, they think they are too good for Malaysia and LEFT

And these players, although from different nationalities, STILL CAME BACK
And how do you repay them?
Oh, let us sack them without disclosing any valid reasons.
Great...Very nice and Malaysian-like of us
Perfect example of Malaysian Hospitality

Yeah, true.
MPO don't have many Malaysian players.
So what?
Our talent pool are very very small, and still fresh and inexperienced.
With our 'overemphasis' on Science subject and the shunning of Arts subject,
You expect they will be people to be playing classical music at a world-class level?
Those so called 'immigrants' or expats you call, it actually trying to make more musicians in Malaysia while making the existing musicians to be better and better.
They actually have programs to teach and tutor young aspiring musicians to become like them, and ultimately take over MPO
But that program was cancelled...
And they got sacked...

I believe arts in Malaysia should be appreciated, not shunned.
Because arts shed light on the other parts of the human soul.
Sure, science and maths are important, I'm not denying that.
But to ignore Arts completely is an act only to done by fools.
Arts nourishes the soul
It make us feel emotions and make us more humans.
I met a lot of Arts people, they are mostly nice and a visionary
Why labeling them as 'unintelligent people with no future'?

From a young age, we were taught that Arts stream will never guarantee your future, even jeopardizing it.
That's why, things like this happened.
We can't appreciate arts
We bring disgrace to arts
We focus on Science,
And truthfully, it didn't bring us far.
In the end, we still lose.
Specialization is important, but ignorance is simply unacceptable.


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