Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Fast Rant Regarding Fasting Month

Happy Ramadhan everybody! We, from Nazranvision team would like to wish you guys happy fasting. Do good. Be good. And stay good.

Because most of the topic I had in mind now are either not suitable to be posted online or not suitable to be posted during this time period. Since Ramadhan has just begun, I would like to strike while the iron is hot and send you guys a message via (seemingly) random rants

1. Those people who 'transform' into an angel during Ramadhan

Yes, these kinds of people exist. They were...well, not really bad during other months but they were not good either. Skipping prayers, cursing and revealing all is there to reveal as if the world is stamped with their name in big red block letters. Then, Ramadhan came and they suddenly undergo a metamorphosis into an angel with sanctimonious tweets, soft spoken words and perfect religious program. Now, what can you say about these people?

"Siot, bajet baik je. Dah setan, setan ar. Pui"
"Bajet bagus. Nak menunjuk ar tu time2 Ramadhan ni. Hak tui"
"Munafik. Nakharom"

Chill my brothers and sisters. Why the hate? Although yeah, they 'might' be faking it but see, it doesn't change the fact that they are 'doing' it. Yeah, chances are they might not know what they are doing and that's good; we, as the 'enlightened' one should show them the way. See, fakes can be original. By faking their alignment towards good, they are trying to imitate the original. Isn't that a good thing, right?

But noooooo. Our so called 'enlightened' group scurried their 'Bashing Machine Guns' and condemn these people into oblivion. Hurtful words and remarks that is so cruel, you would not believe that he/she is someone who is 'enlightened'. And these 'fakes' who generally functions closely with society's perception say, "Hey, you know what. Screw this crap. I'm going to be true to myself and drop the act". Hence, these 'fakes' stop faking and continue their original lifestyle.

Yeah, this might be an exaggeration and over generalization but this is a very plausible and might be real scenario. 'Enlightened' people, as much as you think you can control people, I am here to say, "You can't". What you can control though is your reaction and action towards an external stimuli; in this case, the 'fakes'. By noticing the root of the problem (The fakes trying to imitate the original), a truly 'enlightened' person would take this opportunity rather than to let it slip.

So yeah, stop bashing these 'fakes' and try to help them out instead!

2. Hey, Ya Non-Muslim. You Need To Respect Us! Here is 1001 Things You Can't Do 

"Non-Muslim, we would like you to respect us Muslim while we are fasting. Please don't bla bla bla bla"

Kay, I'm not denying the fact that non-muslim should have some respect towards us fasting Muslim. It is common sense not to dangle food in front of a fasting person without risking to awake the monster inside of him/her. But people are abusing it by taking this concept a little bit too far. Worse, they are actually forcing it down our non-Muslims companion's throats.

"Don't RT food pictures"
"Don't wear sleveless"
"Don't show me your aurat-exposed face"
"Don't talk to me. I might get aroused"
"Walao, still do the thing I told you not to. You $%^& racist. Ci$%^&*( Ke$%^&*() Tut tut tut"

(Again, exaggeration but you get what I mean)

Which I would like to respond as "WOW! So power your convictions are! Bravo!" Are your willpower that 'cikai' that you get turned on by a simplest exposure of aurat of a non-Muslim. Kay, I putting it out that I don't know the proper hukum of that but I kinda pity my non-Muslim friend who got bash because she didn't wear a tudung during Ramadhan. I mean, why should she? It is not her religious obligation whatsoever so she don't have responsibility to wear it. This act of forcing our religious views down into others throat is a toxic behavior indeed.

I mean, yeah, we need to uphold Islam as a religion and all. But to shove our 'Islam' into our non-Muslim friends is not upholding Islam at all; in fact, you're tainting it with the image of 'All Muslims are extremist fanatics who lived in their own world'

Have a bit of respect too. And maybe you will receive respect in a truckload

3. ????

Dammit. I'm out of rants to rant. I need ideas on Ramadhan, FAST! (See what I did there?)


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