Thursday, July 25, 2013

Countdown. More Than Words Version

My days here are numbered. But that doesn't mean I should sit at a corner and cry right? So, I'm writing here to answer the question:

"So, how do you spend your last days, Nazran?"

So, here is my answer, in a More Than Words edition!
Because I'm lazy to write tonight

1. Nights With Semoa
It was kinda random. A friend of mine suddenly came to me and asked, "Eh, datang lah." So, I did. It was a fun night and I met a lot of my long lost friends

With awesome people, Rizwan and San

My mates for the night

Puak Kijang united

With Akhiar, a senior

2. ADP Graduation
Oh god, I finally graduated. It seems like yesterday that I just got my letter from Taylors. Now, I had officially graduated. It was fun, really.

Two shining rays.

Among the awesome friends I have in ADP

Puak Michigan

Rachel, Sherlynn and Darren. They always make my day

With my favorite lecturer, Ms Lim

Hours of library studying: Worth it

All of us in Turga-ish (Turgic) pose

3. Prom Night
I never been to prom. So I say YOLO and went to one. I cost me shitloads of money but IT WAS WORTH IT. PERIOD. I'M NOT JOKING ON THIS

Manly stare

Tux and a white piano. How gentlemanly is that?

The prom gang

Manly man in suits and tie (bowtie)

Shir Lin, the bubbly girl in black

Heizen, the cute mashimaro who turned into a white angel

4. IftarOhsem

94fs very first iftar! With great people and great food.

The ohsem people. Take 1

Future Prime Minister and Future

Ali and Zik, being sweet 


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