Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nazran's Tuesdays: Prepare and Get Healthy...(yeah,right)

I ran out of images to search at Google Images...sooooo yeah.

As promised, today will mark the first of Nazran's Tuesdays Special Project~


So, what's Nazran's Tuesday anyway? Well, it's my self initiated project where I'll do something every Tuesday. This will go hand in hand with Nazran's Thursdays; its partner project. Why did I initiate this project? Well, I was bored...and I want to find more in life. Yes, that's the sole reason of this whole project.

Anyways, let's move on to the actual content!

Today's Theme:

As you may or may not know, I haven't really started my third semester yet. Today was supposed to be the first day of class but since yours truly has configure his own timetable to free up his Tuesdays and Thursday hence the existence of this very project. Therefore, thinking along this line, I should dedicate today as a day for me to prepare for college.

On Monday night, with a fired up spirit, I went to bed...
And I freaking overslept -.-

Great way to start my Tuesdays project eh?

Anyways, I did overslept resulting a lost of a full four hours of productive moments. But nevermind that, first up:

College Stuffs
Yes, college stuffs. I had TOO much fun at home that I forgot to reconfigure my stationaries and filing system. Perfect. So, around 11am, I decided to go to Subang Parade which is ten minutes away. As I arrived there, for some reason, I went to the cinema first. -.-

Oh god, Nazran. Priorities, man...priorities...

After a loooooooooooong detour, I arrived at MPH. And again, for some more obvious reason, I went straight to the self help section. I guess my priorities are really shaky, huh? So again, after a loooooong detour, (you know, there's a digital automatic labeling machine. It's SO FREAKING COOL) I bought exactly what I needed: various colored pens, testpads, open files, and most important of all: POST IT NOTES

And yet again, I took a loooooooong detour to the exit....only to realize my stomach churned in hunger. And thus, began Nazran's loooooooooong journey to find the perfect place to eat via economic analysis (No joke, I actually did think a loooooooooong time to analyse each options)

The reason why I need a girlfriend...*sigh*
Btw, every Tuesday, KFC's Snack Plate is 25% off. So, you know where to find me on Tuesdays.

Next up,
Work Station

Yes, my personal workstation is very important to me. There is where the most awesome-st ideas are created and nurtured to maturity from the mind of a genius (pfft)

With the help of the POST IT NOTES recently bought from MPH, I say my workstation looks neater.

And it's time for...

Le me workstation from a far. (Nazranvision on the laptop)
The space beside my laptop to stick To-Do stuffs

Important daily notice to make my life more meaningful

The view of the glass-thingy filled with pictures, a SCANDAL concert ticket and Yuuki Asuna, expertly hand drawn
Last, but not least:
Research had shown that a healthy body helps in reducing stress and boost intelligence (yes!), seeing myself in the mirror made me think, HOW THE HECK DID I GAINED 15kg????

I'm sadden that my body is not as healthy as it used to be. So, I need to change this. My strategy?

1. Diet
I opt for this health program from Herbalife. It did wonders to me in 2011 so, let us see if it will work again.
They didn't pay me a cent to advertise this
It's easy enough. Replace breakfast and dinner with their famous "Shake". Breakfast I think I can stick with it....Dinner....errrrr.....

Well, let us wait and see

2. Walk More

They said you need 10 000 steps daily to maintain your health. As mentioned above, those detours in Subang Parade could easily exceed that 10 000 steps (Come on, I lepak there from 11-2) Hence, the suggestion of walking from First Subang to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Supported wholly by my mother who took away my car privileges. 

3. Sports

There's a park situated strategically across my apartment. It's like the gods are telling me "Hey fat kid, go and exercise ar!" Today, I want to go and jog or something there....but I left my sports shoes at home. 

Too bad right?

Not until the girls invited me to the park...
You guys know my next course of action, right?

It was fun. Played basketball with the girls (90% of them are basketball potatoes....including me) It was weird to be the single guy playing basketball (rather horribly) with a bunch of girls. Some guys may envy me. Some other guys will bahan me. *shrugs*

And I had an badminton match with Eli right after that. The results? 21-6...I'm the 6...
Hence the newly founded resolution: Beat Eli in badminton before sem finishes

Andddddd that's all for this time's Nazran's Tuesdays! Support me in my cause to find the happy side of life and maybe inspire people to reflect and improve their own lives as well (And making sure this project doesn't gather dust)

Tune in for Nazran's Thursdays!


Haziq Aiman Hasan said...

hahahaha love your blog soooooo funny hahaha XD

Nina Abdul said...
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Nina Abdul said...

Weh nazran, update me on your herbalife shake thingy. aku nak try

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