Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Vegetarian For A Month Project aka The Gua Makan Sayur! Project (GMSP)


That is a Malay word for vegetables for my non-Malaysian reader. So what is up with Sayur?

I wanna be a vegetarian for a month

I know. This is like one of my projects again which is notorious for having a 70% failure rate. (Project Nazran's Tuesday and Thursday, Project ReGenesis, Project Cinta to name a few) But I believe the journey holds value rather than the destination and yes, it is not an all defensive stance here. I did learn a bit of something through my failure projects.

But why though? Ah, this is the reason why this post is here. In the spirit of me applying to Business School, I shall write a proposal (of sorts) to make it look proper, or like my ex-Orchestra Manager used to say, "Baru nampak professional lagi boom lagi"


A Proposal
Khairul Nazran Kamarulnizam
Railzan Kurhna
Kanzaki Haruna
Zaki Harun

Health is something I never really taken care about. I am overweight, love fried foods and eat fatty meat by the dozen. My urge to eat is almost perpetual, if not constraint by income, I would eat almost every other hour. Because of this, it is very worrying as I could feel myself deteriorating with aches and a less energetic body. Plus, my girlfriend always nagged at me about my health while she munch fruits and granolas for health. Not only that, she placed a bet on me to get fit. With that in mind, I find a vegetarian diet would be perfect. Hence, the 'Gua Makan Sayur' Project is born

Meaning Behind the Name
'Gua Makan Sayur' is a very eloquent and elegant translation of "I eat vegetables" into the Malay language. The Malay language used is similar to the style of language used by the higher class and the elites while sipping tea and discussing world issues. 

  • To be healthier and more energetic
  • To lose some pounds
  • To generate and spark my love for vegetables
  • To win the bet with my girlfriend
  • To prove to myself that I can keep a habit going

Challenge Structure
  • Challenge will start officially after the MiMSA (Malaysia Student Association) Chinese New Year lunch event on 1st February, approx after 4.00pm
  • Due to the high failure rate, I could drop out anytime but the ultimate goal is to remain a herbivore until 1st March 2014.
  • Vegetarian here means no meat at all. Other animal produce (milk, eggs, cheese etc) are still acceptable
  • Once meat entered my mouth, the challenge is over and I am responsible to write up a report of the challenge thus far.
  • With every week of the challenge that is successful, I gained a 'Carnivore' level. The max level is 4 and that grants me a full course meat dinner at some lavish place

Key Achievements (if challenge is successful)
  •  The lost of a few pounds
  • No meat for a month
  • Bragging rights
  • Healthier Nazran
Possible Obstacles
  • The lack of 'umami' that enters my mouth. Umami is the savoury feeling of taste, found in steaks and meat.
  • The bland taste of vegetables generally
  • My short attention span and inability to stick to a routine
  • Peer pressure

Possible Solution to Above Problems
  • God bless Siracha and Salsa. Because
  • Tofu burgers and Black Bean burgers
  • Dressings are the key to success.
  • Apply various economics theory to manipulate my utility, maximizing it and not subjecting it to the law of diminishing marginal utility
  • Experiment with vegetarian recipes, provided by 'Vege-Consultants'
  • Suck it up and be a man and continue eating grass
Achievements (Like a true gamer)
  • Shining Start Up: Three days without meat
  • Siracha Kindling : Use Siracha to make an otherwise bland salad taste better
  • A Helping Hand: Complain to a vegetarian how hard being a vegetarian is
  • Iron Resolve: Reject an offer to eat meat
  • Yeah, Econs, beach! : Graph possible utility functions between types of vegetables
  • Half Past Meat: Exactly 15 days without eating meat
  • Seitan Gila Ko: Eat Seitan without puking

Let's do this!


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