Saturday, February 8, 2014

Malaysians Outside Malaysia

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Let us get straight to the point: Today's topic is about that one place where most of my loved ones live and where my blood spilled on the ground (Tanah tumpahnya darahku much?), Malaysia

See, I noticed that, (and you might noticed too) I love Malaysia...ALOT. My American friends would know that. A question that goes along the lines of "Where do you came from?" or "How is your hometown" and there I go, talking about everything Malaysia from food, to people to my parents to school. I will go into a frenzy and gave my American friend's an info dump about Malaysia. I just can't help it. That love inside me is too strong that any prompt to let it out is given a chance to fly.

It is kinda hard to believe that I has already been half a year since I left Malaysian soil. Here in Michigan, where the weather is 50 degrees colder, the air is dry, the food not spicy enough and people do talk in proper English, it is a far cry from what I am used to experience back home. It is weird to wake up in the morning to see white snow blanketing the outside world while you shiver and curl into your blanket. It is weird to wear your socks inside your house. It is weird to be wearing a super thick jacket every single thing you want to open the door to the outside door. It is weird, I tell you. But as time passed, it became a habit, a lifestyle and its weirdness disappeared.

But that doesn't mean I'm American. Yeah sure, I caught myself referring to football as soccer (Am embarrassed of it) but my Malaysian heart is still in tact.

Then again, it is weird that one day I shall return back to Malaysia for good. I love Malaysia but seeing all the 'hu-ha' happening inside her borders saddens me. Religion conflict, racial tension, political tension, education deterioration, economic disparity. All of it is happening yet frankly speaking there is nothing I can do about it. I can only watch from 10 000 miles away as she falls sicker and sicker.

Yet, I talked highly of her. She is like a child and I am the parent; whenever there is a need to tell the world about her, I would tell good stories about her. How she once successful. How diverse she is. How she is the epitome of a foodie's paradise. Yet, you know that she is rebelling against you. She is doing drugs, illicit sex, and black market dealing. You know she is going down under, yet you still speaks highly of her despite your fears that one day she will fall, hard. You want to try to help but you can't and you just watch helplessly. That, ladies and gentleman, is how I feel about Malaysia now.

Even so, if you ask me, I would still love Malaysia. But the things I love: the unity, the peace, the people are disappearing, replaced with religious extremist, political fags and power hungry people. Stop it. I want to love you but give me a reason to.

Oh Malaysia. I promise, I shall come back and try to revive you into your former glory. If I die in the process, at least I tried.


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