Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wake Up!

Moe fun of the day


Now if I have your attention, lemme repeat myself. 


"Why wake up when I'm not even sleeping?" you may ask me. Exactly, but are you aware that you are aware as in, "Are you really awake?"

Wait, that doesn't make sense. The lights are on and I'm nothing but sleepy, again, you might said. However, I'm not talking about biological sleep as in the regular 'sleep' you are assuming. I'm taking about metaphorical sleep.
Damn, that didn't make sense either.

Let me rephrase that.


Before you can say "Hey, I'm not dreaming.", consider this. You woke up every morning. You stick with a usual routine: Get ready, Go to school/class/work, Come back, Sleep. Rinse and repeat, everyday like an endless clockwork. Everything is static and fixed. What should be there, must be there. This routine is not bad, heck it is sufficient for us. That is why we did not venture out from this routine and that is why we continue to stick into this cycle as it made sure our peaceful days would last. 

Doing so will put us into stasis. We would be running around in circles, viewpoints limited by our mundane routine and our expectation. We would like to believe that everything should be the same everyday. We would like to believe that the world is stagnant. We would like to believe that days of peace exist when we stay inside our comfort zone.



Rub your eyes. Change your glasses. Wear new contacts. Now see the world around you. What do you see? A normal scenery of everyday life I suppose. But look closely, scrutinize the people around you. What do you see? Most of the times, you will see frowns.

But why? Isn't days of peace is here, just like what I thought it is?

No, it does not

With you sticking with your routine, you overlook a bigger picture of today's world. Days of peace does not exist. The world is at war. Yes, you hear me right. The world is now in a full blown war. Weapons of mass destruction is being deployed. Some people realized this and started to take action immediately. Most people were oblivious to this, unfortunately. Panic is spreading, subtlety across the world. It won't take a genius to say that the world is not a safe place anymore.

But who is our enemy?

They are closer than you think.

Our enemy is in fact, ourselves

We told ourselves to overlook pressing problems of society and stick to a mundane and routine life. We told ourselves that there is no need to go beyond the scope of our routine. We told ourselves to stick to a cycle. And doing all the things above, we filter out bigger problems of the world and merely bask in blissful ignorance.

Wake up my friend.

Global warming is apparent
Rape, murder, suicide are common
Bullying is getting more and more serious
Depression and anxiety struck a huge percentage of the population but no action was taken.
World hunger is still a problem
Racism and discrimination 
Sex was given a golden pedestal reverting rational humans into beasts of desire

All of those are a small percentage of what is happening to the rest of the world. But do we give a fk? HELL NO


Time to wake up. See the problems of the world. And maybe contribute to solve it...
Or wake up your other friends


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