Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RNK Infamous Pep Talk: SPM

Nazranvision is back after a violent attack from some malware which causes nazranvision to crash. Thank god yours truly is such a great guy who calmly assess the situation....and google the solution. That aside, today's topic will be about the day most SPM kids feared the most: RESULT DAY. In response to that, we, Railzan, Nazran and Kanzaki, at nazranvision would like to give you a fiery pep talk that will burn your spirit so much that your whole body will be getting third degree burns

So, results day is tomorrow. The dreaded day that induced rapid spams of "Cuak ar sial!" "Ya Allah, nervousnya." "Mati ar aku esok" at various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Myspa-wait, no one uses My______ anymore.

The point is, day in, day out, my newsfeed and timeline were filled by such pessimism and hopelessness that the worst is and will be coming tomorrow. As if thousands of students will be getting their death sentence tomorrow...by an innocent white slip of paper printed with cheap ink that made receipt ink look expensive.

The thing is, what is there to fear?
The SPM results itself?

Now ask yourself this: Is SPM = Success in life?
Maybe. You may conclude as SPM is one of the indicator for scholarships and university applications. But it is the ONLY factor.

Consider this situation:
A got straight A+ for SPM. A secured a Kijang Emas scholarship. A becomes complacent and thinks he is so smart that he stopped trying so hard. A failed his first A-levels test. A was sent into a depression and his grades plunges. A started to smoke, do drugs and drink. A was axed from university. A become a sad old man.

And this situation

A did get straight A for SPM. B didn't secured any scholarship. B went into normal university. B didn't care to study. B started to smoke, do drugs and drink. B was axed from university. B become a sad old man.

The difference between A and B is their SPM results but at the end of the day, they arrived at a common point. They both FAILED. What accounts to their failure in life? THEMSELVES

You see kids, SPM is ultimately just a paper. It is not an indicator of your life, your future and your self. As you can see in A and B, what breaks them ultimately is not their SPM results; it is themselves. Whether or not your results is good or bad, just remember that it is just a piece of paper. Heck, even a degree and a freaking Masters is just a piece of paper. Maybe just more embellished than the cheap SPM result slip you guys will receive tomorrow.

And does a piece of paper dictates your life?
NO. It doesn't

Then, who dictates your life?

Yes, people. You have control in your life. You have control on how to react. You have control on where to go after receiving that dreaded slip. And to quote William Ernest Henley:

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul

You are the master of your own fate. With that in mind, take those results with pride. Shed tears of joy or sadness and always remember, you're in control.

We, at nazranvision would like to say it again,


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