Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Past,Future and Present

For quite a time, I've been posting about Nazran this, Nazran that, Nazran here, Nazran there. There was a time when I first reopen this blog and I said, "I will not put it any personal info here. Here pure inspirational/philosophical bullshits." Well, how short-lived is that resolution. *sigh*

So, today Nazranvision will go back to its roots: As a medium for me to express my views/opinions/assertions at the most 'Nazran' way. (At times, maybe augmented by Railzan and Kanzaki. You know, the 'alter ego') I strive to keep it like this for a while until I gather enough determination to open a new blog specially to cater the rantings of those two alter ego of mine.

Without further delay, today's topic is:

The Past, The Future and Present

Tell me if you're familiar with these terms. Well, of course you are. These terms are ways of us mere humans to define time. What already happen is past. What is going to happen is future. And what is happening currently is present. So, what about them?

You may think that these three terms are nothing but mechanism to define time. But in actuality, they hold so much more. The past, future and present are mechanics to shape ourselves. In other words, we are define as who we are by our past, future and present. Make sense?

Let us say we are looking at an average married Malay guy working as a civil servant in his thirties.

He is defined by his past: He went to school. Get a diploma. Get a job in the governmental office
He is defined by his future: He is working hard because he needs to support his future children

Wait, where is the present?
I don't know.

Now, about is quite different from past and future. You see, past is definite and it is accumulating with every second. Heck, this piece of writing is what I define as my past. When you guys are reading this, it is because I wrote it in the past. From here onwards, this blog post is my history. Same goes to you. What you did yesterday is your past. What you did 5, 10 years ago is the past. It will remain there. Definite and neverchanging because it is the past. It is over and done with, but it will remain in the fabrics of history as your past.

Future is different from the past. Future is indefinite. According to quantum theory, future is but a possibility. At this very moment of typing this blog post, I have an infinite future that I can arrive to. Same goes to you. Anything can happen. And that anything will become your future. Unlike past, future can flicker in and out of existence with each passing second or heck, fractions of a second. It won't remain there, it won't be there until the time when you actually 'see' it

Then what is present? Present is Present is the key that links you with your past and future. Your present will be your past and the immediate future, determined be your past present, will become your present. And the cycle continues. What you do in the present determine your past and future.

Joke jap.

Sounds easy, no?

Well, life doesn't work that way. The simple task of living in the present is hard. People tend to live in the past or live in the future rather than now.

Why is that?
Paranoia I guess. Or maybe inferiority.
But why?

"If only I studied earlier..."
"If only my past self is smarter..."
"If only I rejected this offer...."
"If only I was born in a rich family..."

Why dwell on the past when the past is inscribed and indelible?

"Why did I fail? I can't get to college like this"
"I'm a future CEO. I can't act like this."
"Why I can't do such a simple task? I will fail like this."

Why dwell on the future when the future is nothing but a mere possibility?

Both past and the future shapes you. But you don't exist is both of them. You don't exist in the past. You don't exist in the future. You exist now in the present. It is here in the present that will determine what kind of past or future you'll have.

Snap out of it. Forget the past. Forget the future. Everything is about now, the present. Present...hey, isn't that the same word for 'gift'?

Yes, the present is a gift to you. A gift from time to us humans to shape our past and future. And with that, we shape our ownselves.

Go on.
Live in the present.
And you will see your past and future take shape in front of you 


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