Sunday, November 11, 2012

Women, The Catalyst

Behind every successful man, there's a woman

Scream 'cliche'
Exclaim blasphemy
Shout curses erroneously.
Whatever you said, this old adage holds truth.

Look around you, all the successful man alive, look their history. Along the way, it's almost impossible to see their life with the impact of a certain woman or women. To any man reading this, analyze back your past. There must be, should be, will be a girl that somehow give so much impact to your life that it would be unimaginable to think a parallel world where she doesn't exist.
Hah! You must be thinking of that said girl (or girls)
But all these girls should not necessary be your wife or love interest. Their existence is sufficient to give us the extra push to carry on with life. To give a sense of purpose that drives you on despite the daunting challenges ahead. To be collected as life throws everything it can to hamper your progress.

Hence, we can concluded that 


Personally, I agree to that hypothesis
I too have women (yes, women) that touched my life and changed my world. To date, there are three women are really changed my life. And surely, without them. You won't be even seeing this blog existed.

Woman #1
Also known as The Rival. Yeah, she was a childhood friend. The source of my kiasu-ness. The source of competition. Doesn't matter where she stands on the school ranking, I will try to beat her. Until today, 11 November 2011, I DIDN'T BEAT HER EVEN ONCE!

Yes, she is that good. Every test, every exam, I would try to mark up to her but in vain. I remember when I got rejected from my dream school and she passed the first interview. Imagine the amount of my jealousness. When I finally entered SBP, I knew she didn't, giving me a sense of achievement...but it was shortlived. 

She still beat me in everything else.
National Scholarship? Beaten
UWC interview? Beaten
Race to fly oversea first? Beaten
Everything? Beaten

But I guess that's the origin of my competitiveness. Even today, I still feel competitive anywhere. Hence, my kiasu-ness. And also, that is also the origin of my admiration to her. Well, at that time I was confused so I thought it was love. But....nahhh. It was just admiration. Seeing her go up and up to the zenith of success while I'm stumbling and struggling below her. 

Someday...I will beat you.
And the day I do,
I shall thank you too.

Woman #2

Ah, this woman is one important figure in my life. Why? She was present during the turning point of my life: 2009.
Yes, she was my partner in crime. A mother figure while I was a father figure. Many challenges hit us both in managing one of the most notorious batch ever to grace SMSS. Tension was high. Pressure was enormous. And things look bleak.

But we are there for each other. Well, she was there for me. I don't know if she intended or not but somehow, every time I feel like breaking down, she will somehow appear in front of me, with a subliminal message of "Hey, I'm holding on too. Be strong"

This girl instantly grabbed my heart. Hence, I tried becoming better and better. I took on jobs and responsibility. I pressed on. I stayed strong, not braking down a slight. Everything I do then, somehow was related to that woman.

We did hook up though with me shamelessly serenading her. didn't work out.
Well, it was my first time so I screwed up.
She is also the reason why I'm so traumatized and paranoid with relationships for a while.
Nonetheless, she is important to my life. I did say 'Thank you' to her in numerous occasions but I wonder is that even sufficient to make it up for what she had done. Yeah, if you knew her, you would go 'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'

Well, that's your choice/problem

Moving on

Women #3

Heh, this woman made me questioned fate. I met her in an elevator after my presentation during F1 In Schools 2010. Then again, in front of my hotel room, locked outside. She laughed when she saw me struggling with my keycard.

I met her again by chance in an Innovation Exhibition. I got her number at that time.
Then, we talked, texted and Facebook chat.
Frankly, I didn't feel anything from her. Mostly due to the double heart break of 2010. That emotional scar made me shut off from any form of serious relationship.

But this woman is a witch.
For some reason, she sticks with me. Every time I tried to back off, she would persistently sticks to me, caring for me. I find it heartwarming and touched. When the event of 19th February 2011 came around, I was at my lowest. Lowest of the lowest I stumbled. But she came and just consoled me. On my 17th Birthday, she was the one chatting with me with the clock struck midnight and be the first one to wish me that year.

We chatted and chatted until suddenly, I felt something. I deny it at first, but it was too strong. And ultimately, we became a thing.

Now, consider the fact we were separated by 2000km of land and sea. It was a very loooooooong distance relationship. As a couple, we didn't even see each other. But even from afar, I could feel she is supporting me. Every night after band practice or prep, she would text me and make my day better despite the tiredness. It was a slight emotional boost but man, did it worked.

After a full 15 months as a couple, we finally met.
Oh, how could I describe that moment.
I wish surreal. Seriously. Like a scene from my dream theater.

Even now, she is still my drive. A twist of fate and both of us is in the same program to US. As a man, I can't be the one being helped. I must help her. And so, I became better and better in hope to assist her.

Yes, a sappy love story, I know.
But hey, that is the unadulterated truth.


Those are the women that changed my life. Who is yours?


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