Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Battle Between Us, Them and Everyone

Recently, the world is shocked by yet another case of Israel-Palestine conflict. It happened during Maal Hijrah, the new year of the Islamic calendar. The air strike from the Israel faction killed the Hamas military chief. Almost instantly, the news spread in Twittersphere. The hashtag #PrayForGaza jumped to the number 1 spot of the most trending topic in less than an hour. People express anger, frustration, sadness, pity, sympathy to the victims. Images of killed children, woman, and man sparked even more emotional fire as extremist began to swore vengeance for the fallen.

And with that, all hell brakes loose...

The so-called 'war' reaches a new climax. Air strikes, bombs, missile, gun shots were fired without care of the collateral damage. Both sides exchange blows by blows. War cries resonated through the barren desert, hoping to raise the morale of troops to fight for victory. Scenes of families and happy times flashed in the soldier's mind, driving them forward to pull the trigger, although their body is perforated like Swiss Cheese.

Away from the battlefield, a whole new fight unfolds...

Hashtags of #PrayForGaza and #PrayForIsrael rages on TwitterSphere. Coffeeshop philosopher took their spotlight with 'wise' words and 'enlighten' rhetoric. Religious people quoted lines from their holy books to support their arguments. Young, ignorant teenagers jumped into the bandwagon and began spouting nonsense as if they knew everything of this incident. Adults gave a cent or two before ignoring it completely as they had other things to do.

But among these, you could see there are two apparent side: The pro-Israel and pro-Palestine

Even so, in each faction, you could see obvious disunity in thought and opinion.

For example, the on going debate about boycott.
One side rages on about how we should boycott all products from Israel in hopes that it will hamper their economy while the other side pressed on about how boycotting these product won't hamper their economy but instead hamper our own people depending on that said product for living.

And also, there's lies and manipulation...thrown in large quantity from BOTH sides.
Yes, with the advent of imaging and picture editing technology, bending and twisting a picture to tell a story has never been easier. It doesn't matter the mainstream media or your Facebook news feed, news manipulation happens.

People, when given a 'hot' topic, will definitely share absolutely ANYTHING related to that topic IF it supports their argument/cause.
Pictures of artists holding Israel flag, or picture of a burnt/charred babies filled Twitter, Facebook and blogs alike. But have you ever think the validity of said images?
Even outrageous if it makes a claim like "If you buy a burger, you buy a bullet", again, though it may fires you up, but can we validate it?

What if we can't validate that piece of information?
Should we believe or not believe it?
The best piece of advice is to wait for someone to make a statement.
Or at least use your own juridiscation about it.

But again, when we think in a retrospect, the battle is not between Israel-Palestine anymore. It somehow became a battle between the Truth and Lie

Yes, we fight on Facebook and Twitter...
But remember, the real battle is elsewhere
Thousands of miles away from here
Where both sides fight
BUT didn't kill each other
Instead, those who were killed are innocent people from BOTH sides.

Rather than fighting here at home,
Why not take a step and directly help those in need in the battlefield?


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