Thursday, November 22, 2012

Balance In All Things

"Balance in all things"

My favourite champion in League of Legends is definitely Irelia, The Will of the Blades.
It is because her overall playstyle. You should play her as a top champion, farming up minions kills for gold to afford items. Once equipped, she is a force to be reckoned with. Just like me, Irelia's style is a more adaptive approach. Her role in the team depends on the current situation.

We are starting a fight?
Dive for the carry and murder that **)&@&#@$@!
We are losing?
Protect our carry and soak damage
The enemy ambushes us?
Be the martyr and take a champion or two!

Her adaptive potential makes Irelia one of the potent champion in the game and always becomes the victim of Riot's nerf stick.

Nerf Irelia please...

Ehem...I'm getting off topic.
Anyway as shown above, one of Irelia's quote is "Balance in all things."

As you might know, lately, I have been through a lot of stress and as a defense mechanism, I indulge myself with LoL to reduce that said stress. As always, I play game after game using Irelia and in every game, I would play around with the taunt just to pass time for the minion to spawn/game start.

Her words, though fictional, struck a chord in me.


I could relate this with the balance of the overall emotions of the universe...I had thought about it before, with every unit of happiness, elsewhere, there will exist a unit of sadness. With that said, every time you feel happy, you know that somewhere, people are sad because of your happiness. Or if you're sad, somewhere, people are happiness because you're sad.

Quite a depressing thought isn't it?

But somehow, this idea has a lot of point.
For one thing, it deals about sacrifice.

I had a bad stint for a while in my relationships and honestly, I feel like withdrawing because the sadness is not worth it. But when I see at it again, my sadness results in their happiness.

Because of that, I feel a bit better, knowing that at least, I did something good.

Then I reflect even further like my parents for example...
Both of them are under so much pressure...They held it all in them...
As a result, all their children are happy...
But the cost of their sadness...

Sad thing?
Of course...but this realization made me to appreciate them more...
Knowing that my happiness is a direct result of their sadness...

Hence, the balance is preserve...
The world is divided into equal proportions of happiness and sadness...
And somehow, it is beautiful that way...

So, guys...remember

When you're feeling sad, remember that someone is happy because you're sad. You're giving them happiness.
When you're happy, remember that someone is sad because you're happy. So don't overindulge yourself.
Oppose and ruin the balance, and the world will punish you dearly

Yes, this is very deep...
But Yiruma is making me too sentimental lately...


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